The Most Effective Weight Loss Challenges

The Most Effective Weight Loss Challenges

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When it comes to reducing body fat, motivation can be one of the biggest struggles that you can face. Whether you want to get your own effort off to a strong start or whether you’re trying to breathe some life into your existing strategy, weight loss challenges have become a popular technique.

That said, since weight loss challenges have become as popular as they are, it also means that there are dozens upon dozens from which to choose. This makes it difficult for the average person to guess at which ones might be the most effective.

The following are some of the top weight loss challenges of the year. Check them out and see if any stand out to you as something that will work for your style of dieting, exercising and motivation.

  • DietBet – The DietBet challenge is one that started online but that has moved offline so that co-workers or groups of friends could do it on their own. The idea is to put a certain amount of money into a common pot. Essentially, you’re betting on yourself. The bet is for either four weeks or six months. For the four weeks, the bet is that you can lose 4 percent of your body weight. For the six months, it is for 10 percent of your body weight. Whoever, among the participants, meets the goal can take part in splitting the total pot.
  • SparkPeople Challenges – These are available with a free membership to the website. Every month there’s a new challenge – such as walking a certain distance or a certain number of steps. There is also a 28 day bootcamp workout challenge that can be started whenever you feel driven enough to go for that goal.
  • ShareFit Charity Challenges – If you’re having trouble coming up with your own motivation to keep up with workouts and proper eating just because you know you’re building toward a healthier and more attractive body, try motivating yourself through charitable donations at Sharefit. Also a free membership, this program tracks the number of times you share your progress in nutrition, fitness, and other activities on the site. This generates actual charitable donations to six different charities focused on fitness, nutrition, health and overcoming obesity. A real win-win!

These types of strategies can help to give you a specific goal to chase, which can make it much easier to drive yourself forward and get to where you want to be. Just be sure to consult with your doctor before getting started, to make sure it’s right for your fitness and health needs and expectations.

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