Non-Prescription Weight Loss Pills That Are Just as Effective

non-prescription weight loss pills

So many people want to lose weight and know that diet pills are the way to go, but is it possible to find non-prescription weight loss pills that are effective alternatives? For years so many have turned to their doctors as a prescription was necessary to get you the right type of pill. Though it is always wise to talk to your doctor first to be sure that diet pills are right for you, the truth is that there are some great alternatives out there right now. You can get all of the benefits without a prescription, so long as you do your homework and also ensure that you are the right type of candidate.
What are some of the non-prescription weight loss products that are worth checking out? We have a few of them listed here so that you can learn more, but if you still have questions or doubts about what path to take, be sure to talk to your doctor for advice and tips.

3 Non-Prescription Weight Loss Products You Can Learn About Right Here

1. Phentramin-D

Phentramin-D is just one example of the type of non-prescription weight loss pills that are effective and help you to drop the weight without a hassle. There is a whole class of diet pills out on the market that offer you all of the same results with the convenience of not having to obtain a prescription. Do be sure that you know what is at the heart of each diet pill and that you are getting what you expect. In the case of Phentramin-D, you can be sure that the high-quality ingredients will help you get more energy and focus that you can put towards eating right and exercising, and you never have to go about finding a prescription.

2. 3G BURN

According to Healthline, there are natural fat burners that work, so if you wanted to take a more natural product that will support your efforts to slim down more efficiently, you do have options. A good example is 3G BURN. Its ingredients have been clinically researched, and this product is manufactured in the United States, which is definitely a plus.
The ingredients in 3G BURN can boost your energy and focus to help make your weight loss journey a little easier. They include the following:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Forskohlii Root Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract


Yet another product that you can consider taking when you are looking for non-prescription weight loss pills is PHENBLUE. You can purchase this diet pill over the counter, so you can shop for it easily online and have it delivered right to your door. How convenient! Plus, it is also manufactured in the U.S. using high-quality ingredients that can improve focus and energy to help you eat right and exercise with greater consistency.

Convenience and Fast Results Make For a Powerful Combination

More and more companies are realizing that people want results and want to drop the weight but that a prescription is often an obstacle. So as these new diet pills are formulated they offer a great deal of natural ingredients, quick results, and of course the convenience of never having to go out and get a prescription. If you know what you are getting and stick with something more mainstream such as Phentramin-D then you can feel good about what you are taking and rely upon it for some weight loss help.
There are plenty of non-prescription weight loss pills that are effective and helpful; you just have to know what to look for. As with any diet pill though these are only intended for the short term to offer you a sort of jump-start on your weight loss efforts. They will help you to get in tune with proper portion sizes and cut down your calorie intake, but they are not intended for the long term. If you go in knowing that and take them as directed, then the new category of non-prescription diet pills may be just what you were looking for all along.

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Yummy Finger Foods for Weight Loss

delicious finger foods for weight loss

When we are losing weight, we are also letting go of some stiff cravings. This includes the chocolate or the sugar and bad carbs we used to eat. But that doesn’t mean we can’t snack anymore and in fact, snacking is encouraged when dieting. Here we will touch a little on why and provide you with some healthy and tasty ways to snack all day without the guilt. There are some healthy finger foods for weight loss that are yummy and won’t sabotage your dieting efforts.

Finger foods, in particular, can be a great addition to your diet while you are trying hard to slim down to your target weight. This type of food is designed to be eaten with — you guessed it — your fingers. So, you don’t need to worry about using any utensils! However, you do still need to be careful about controlling your portions, of course, as you don’t want to overdo it and end up eating too many finger foods.

Want to learn more about finger foods for weight loss? We cover some helpful information below. If you need additional tips and extra support on your weight loss journey, particularly when it comes to what foods you should be eating, as well as which ones you should be avoiding, don’t hesitate to consult with a nutritionist or your doctor for help.

Why Should We Eat More When Trying to Lose Weight?

The reason for this is important and two-fold. The reasons are glucose levels and metabolism. It is essential that your blood glucose levels are raised to a normal and functional level. If it fluctuates too often you will end up with glucose issues such as diabetes. You will also throw off your metabolism and not lose weight—in fact, you will get the cravings you don’t need.

The Benefits of Eating Finger Foods for Weight Loss

You might be wondering why we are recommending finger foods for weight loss. How can these foods help you achieve your weight loss goals?

As long as you are choosing to eat healthy finger foods, you can certainly incorporate these into your diet while you are working on slimming down. In fact, according to Cooking Light, there are many healthy finger foods that you can enjoy even while you are throwing a party for guests to have a great time. So, there really is no reason to let go of your plans for eating right even when you are celebrating.

Like anything else, it is up to you to make the right decisions when it comes to the ingredients you use when preparing your own finger foods at home, and when it comes to ordering these foods from restaurants. You want it all to be low-calorie, high in nutrients, and low in unhealthy fats, sugar, and sodium.

Yummy Finger Foods for Weight Loss

Regardless of what diet you are following, you can find a variety of finger food recipes that you can try right away using ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. This includes a wide range of plant-based recipes that are going to be low in calories yet high in fiber, making the finger foods even more filling so you can more easily cut back on calories.

There are so many wonderful foods in nature that give you flavor and all the natural sugar you need. This type of sugar from vegetables and fruits are something your body can use to burn fat and provide an endless supply of energy to work out and feel great without the cravings! Best of all, they are finger foods for weight loss that can be eaten conveniently.

  • Low fat dips for flavor is a must if you aren’t a vegetable person. You can do this with onion soup mix and low fat sour cream. You can use hummus and for a lighter touch or you can use raw honey.
  • Carrot sticks or baby carrots.
  • Celery sticks and natural peanut butter.
  • Cucumber slices and tomato slices with some torn basil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Baked chicken wings with balsamic vinegar and honey or sweet and sour dipping sauce. This is a great snack you can pick on all day while you do your veggies to get a little protein in your system. Chicken wings are only fattening when they are deep fried and covered with “stuff” but they are a great source of protein.
  • Cheese and whole wheat crackers. Buying nine grain crackers and blocks of a light cheese—no oily cheeses like sharp cheddar. Muenster or Gouda is the tastiest when you want to have a saltier taste.
  • Cheese and sliced apples with natural peanut butter.

Other tasty options include:

  • Spicy cauliflower bites
  • Chickpea salad on an endive leaf
  • Irish potato cakes
  • Pretzel bites and mustard
  • Sweet potato fries

Note: In order to maintain a good and lasting snacking habit that is good for you, you must cover all tastes so you aren’t craving anything. There is salty, sweet, and a little sour here that will satisfy your palate. Finger foods for weight loss are a great way to enjoy your diet.

Enjoy these delicious and nutritious finger foods for weight loss often, keeping in mind that, when done right, they can help you along your path to a slimmer and healthier body.

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How Diet Pills Work and Why Some Don’t

find out how diet pills work

Losing weight isn’t easy, and that’s why there are so many different weight loss products on the market. For decades, people have been using diet pills in an effort to make their slim-down journey easier. Sometimes, those diet pills work wonderfully, but other times, they are really disappointing.

Most of us, at one time or another, have taken a diet pill, and it just didn’t hit the mark or maybe we didn’t take them as we should have. Possibly even the side effects scared us off them. There are as many reasons as there are people. So, it should come as no surprise that these products sometimes fall short of expectations. But, that might lead you to ask about how diet pills work, and why some of them don’t work as expected. Below, we will briefly discuss the main reasons for the diet pills failing to produce the result we sought from them.

Understanding how diet pills work

Most people seek out a diet pill because they either want to save time and lose weight for an event of some kind—or, they haven’t a clue as to how to diet so they figure they have nothing to lose but weight—right? Wrong! That’s not how diet pills work. There is a rampant misconception about diet pills that needs to be addressed so that you do not run into the same roadblock time after time only to end up with the same issue—rapid weight gain after diet pill!

It is also important to realize that, when it comes to how diet pills work, they don’t all work the same. The results that they can provide will depend on various factors, such as their ingredients and their potency. Some might work by suppressing your appetite, while others might work by giving you more energy and increasing your metabolism.

In addition to that, when thinking about how diet pills work, you also need to consider the fact that some are available only by prescription because they contain ingredients that are not allowed for sale over the counter. Those products are going to be more powerful, and they will likely work in different ways than diet pills that you can purchase without a prescription.

Diet pills are short-term solutions

The diet pill, whether prescription or OTC, is meant for short-term use. The body is not meant to take such a shock to its system normally. It is meant to be an aide to your diet and exercise plan. And you do need both of those things—this is part of the reason why diet pills fail with so many people. They are looked upon as a cure-all and not as an aide.

Sure, you may experience rapid weight loss initially, but as soon as you come off it, your body does the job it was designed to do, and it will bounce right back into double the weight it just lost. This is especially true for the person that goes right back to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

Why does the body regain the weight if you only take the diet pill? Because it sensed no activity and no food—it was confused and thought it was starving—so the moment it sensed food back in the system and no stimulus from the diet pill—viola—the body recovered to make sure it has enough stored fat for the next starvation.

Also, if you did not bother establishing a healthy eating plan and consistent exercise routine while you were taking the diet pill, once you stop taking it, you will end up gaining the weight back because you won’t be eating right and exercising like you need to in order to maintain weight loss results.

Other reasons why diet pills don’t always work like you’d expect

We already covered the importance of dieting and exercising while taking a diet pill in order to get yourself into the habit of leading a healthier lifestyle, and to maintain your weight loss results long after you have stopped using a weight loss pill. But, there’s more.

If you want to make the most of what a diet pill has to offer, you can’t expect it to act like some magic bullet, making you slim down without you putting in any extra effort. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, there is no magic bullet when it comes to weight loss. You have to put in the work, period. In other words, don’t expect to take a diet pill without dieting and exercising at the same time. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed with the results.

Also, when it comes to prescription diet pills, in particular, one of the reasons why they can fall short of expectations is: they might end up causing side effects. Some of these prescriptions can cause serious side effects that would require you to stop taking them before you even see results.

Summary of how diet pills work and why they sometimes fail

To summarize why a diet pill failed you in the past: it was used alone and not with a balance of efforts that included diet and exercise. Remember, for effective weight loss and to counteract weight gain after the fact, you need a diet, an exercise plan, and a maintenance plan for after the diet pill. Without this, the cycle will be endless. You will repeat taking another pill and cease being able to lose weight at all.

Now that you know how diet pills work, it is possible to take them and achieve fast weight loss without the failure of past attempts.

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Is There Such Thing as Obesity Genes That Make You Gain Weight?

obesity genes and weight gain

Have you been diagnosed as obese? Have you been experiencing a lot of difficulty slimming down? Then you might have started to wonder if there is such as thing as obesity genes, and if they are causing you to have so much trouble slimming down. This is a valid question, and one that a lot of people have asked. That is why researchers have looked for answers.

Are there obesity genes that can make you gain weight, as well as make it super hard to lose unwanted weight? Let’s see what the experts have to say, shall we?

What You Should Know About Obesity Genes 

According to WebMD, there is a gene referred to as FTO, and experts have discovered that individuals who have specific differences in FTO actually have upwards of a 30% increased risk of becoming obese. Fascinating!

However, this isn’t the only gene that may have an impact on your weight, as there are dozens of others that have been identified and linked to how much people weigh. Some genes might even cause your body to store a larger amount of fat than someone who is naturally slimmer.

Too Many Factors Besides Genes Can Lead to Weight Gain

Despite all of these findings, experts still aren’t entirely clear on the topic of obesity genes. That’s because obesity is considered a complex condition. There are a lot of different things that can lead to weight gain, and to obesity.

  • In addition to genes, for example, your behavior can have an impact on how much you weigh. What you eat, and how much exercise you get, as well as the type of lifestyle you lead, can all have an effect on the number on the scale.
  • Even if many of the members in your family are obese, you can’t necessarily pinpoint obesity genes as the cause of those weight problems. It might just be the result of shared habits, including shared eating habits and exercise habits. 
  • Another reason why experts believe you have to look beyond obesity genes: more and more people are being diagnosed as obese as the years go on. That increase in obesity has coincided with a rise in sedentary lifestyles.

What’s the Conclusion on Obesity and Genes? 

Researchers have found that some people will have a genetic predisposition to weight gain that might make them obese. However, even if you’re one of those people, you definitely shouldn’t lose hope.

Again, there are a lot of different factors that will increase your risk of becoming overweight or obese, so focus on what you can control. By altering your diet and lifestyle, you might be able to overcome even your genetic predisposition to weight gain. That’s reassuring, right?

What Can You Do?

Aim to eat a low-calorie diet that is packed with natural, nutritious foods. Get more physical activity in every day, whether that means hitting the gym or just going for a walk. Simple changes like these can have a profound effect on how good you feel and how much you weigh, even if you do have obesity genes.

When you find that you need some extra support, you can also talk to your doctor about whether or not you should buy Adipex, a popular prescription diet pill that can help you on your journey towards a slimmer body, at least temporarily. Or, you can consult with your physician regarding the many weight management products that you can buy over the counter instead. Products like PHENBLUE and FENFAST 375 are great examples because they contain high-quality, clinically researched ingredients that can increase focus and energy to help you eat right and exercise.

Ultimately, genes play a small role in how much you weigh. What you do every day has a major impact on the number on the scale, so remember that you’re in control and you can make changes with the help of your doctor to lose weight safely.

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Never Let Anyone Tell You Successful Weight Loss is a Matter of Willpower

A lot of the most popular diets out there are extremely restrictive. Whether you are told you can’t eat any sugar at all, or you need to eliminate the vast majority of carbs from your meal plans, diets can be hard to follow because of their many rules. And, when you fail, you might think that you failed because you simply didn’t have the willpower to see the diet through. Well, it’s time to stop believing that successful weight loss is a matter of willpower. After all, this negative strategy, most often used by the diet industry, is one that can take its toll on your self-esteem.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure

According to Good Housekeeping, believing that your weight loss success depends on your willpower is a good way to set yourself up for failure. Sure, you need some willpower and resolve in order to set your goals and take steps towards accomplishing those goals every day, but willpower isn’t the only reason that you will achieve weight loss success. Rather, willpower might help you when you are feeling tempted by an unhealthy snack in the middle of the afternoon, as an example. It doesn’t mean you should have the willpower to restrict yourself from eating certain foods, or entire food groups, every single day.

Don’t Focus on What You Can’t Have

The more you restrict yourself, thinking that it’s all about willpower, the more likely it will become that you’ll end up faltering and failing, rather than achieving successful weight loss. Instead of focusing on what you can and can’t eat, make choices that are more nutritious for your body. You have choices, not restrictions, when it comes to what you eat, and it’s important to keep that in mind.

It’s wise to remember that hard rules don’t typically work when the goal is successful weight loss. You need to have a strong resolve to eat better, but understand that no one is perfect, so sometimes, you will end up eating an indulgent treat, and that has nothing to do with your willpower.

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Eat Carbs and Lose Weight: Yes You Can!

Eat Carbs and Lose Weight

Can you eat carbs and lose weight? Yes, you can! In order to get the results that you’re after, however, you do need to follow a few smart strategies, such as the ones that are listed below.

Why You Actually Shouldn’t Cut Out Carbs

Even though you might think that you can’t eat carbs if you want to lose weight, the truth is that your body needs carbs every day. Your body considers carbohydrates its go-to source of energy because they provide glucose as a fuel for bodily processes. Even your brain relies on glucose to function at its best. Following an unhealthy low carb diet can make you feel super tired and mentally drained. Also, if you are leading an active lifestyle, eating carbs will help provide you with the energy you need to perform at your best.

Eat Less Overall

You can certainly eat carbs throughout the day, as they do serve as an important energy source for your entire body. However, make it a point to reduce the amount of calories that you are ingesting during the day. To achieve weight loss results, you need to eat fewer calories, and you need to burn more calories through exercise and other physical activity.

Choose the Right Carbs

There are a lot of carbohydrates out there, so when it comes to eating carbs as part of a healthy diet, it all boils down to choosing the right foods. While cutting out carbs completely is not a good idea, you can reduce unhealthy carbohydrates, such as white pasta and white bread. Beyond that, it is a great idea to eat carbs that are packed with nutrition and low in calories and fat, such as long-grain rice, whole grains, legumes, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

Bottom line: don’t ditch carbs completely, no matter how many fad diets come and go with claims that carbohydrates are bad for you. Not all carbs are bad, and your body relies on carbs for energy. Simply being active and choosing the right carbohydrates to consume daily is the best way to meet your body’s needs, while also sticking to your weight loss plan.

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Living to Eat? How to Lose Weight When You Love Food

How to Lose Weight When You Love Food

Are you the type of person who just really loves food? Do you find yourself willing to try a variety of different foods from cultures from around the world because you just want to try out all of the flavors that are out there? Then you might be wondering about how to lose weight when you love food and you love to eat so much. Well, there’s hope, and a few tips are found below to help you get started.

Master Portion Control

When it comes to how to lose weight when you love food, it is all about mastering portion control. You could start by calculating your ideal calorie intake for the day, and then creating your meal plans and setting your portions around that calorie count. In this way, you can eat all of the foods that you love without going overboard.

Let Yourself Indulge

You don’t need to give up your favorite flavors and foods just because you are trying to lose weight. In addition to controlling your portions, you can also give yourself a treat here and there so that you can let yourself indulge. After all, many dieters end up struggling the most when they cut out entire food groups or eliminate specific foods from their diet altogether.

Stick to Healthier Cooking Methods

Finally, the way that you cook your food can also have an impact upon your ability to slim down. Swapping deep fried foods for baked foods is just one example of how you can lose weight even when you love food. You can still enjoy all of the flavors and textures that you have grown to love, and you can still experiment with new recipes, but just be sure to cook in a way that reduces your intake of fat and calories. Be sure to organize your kitchen for weight loss to make cooking healthy meals more doable.

With a better understanding of how to lose weight when you love food, you can still indulge in all of the foods and flavors that you crave without undoing your progress.

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The Biggest Weight Loss Factor

learn the biggest weight loss factor

When it comes to losing weight and getting in shape, there are a lot of factors at play, and you have probably heard a lot of advice regarding what you should eat and how active you should be in order to get the best results. But what is really the biggest weight loss factor that you should be focusing on? Continue reading to learn more so that you can make the most of your weight loss efforts.

The Biggest Weight Loss Factor: Accountability

You might be surprised by the fact that experts believe that accountability is actually the biggest weight loss factor that you need to consider, not what you eat or how much you exercise. Of course, what you eat and how much you work out will definitely play a big role in just how much weight you lose and how much stronger and slimmer you become, but if you are not accountable, you will fall off course before you can achieve your results.

Accountability could be towards yourself if you are going about your weight loss journey on your own. Or you might hold yourself accountable to a fitness coach who will lead the way and make sure you stay the course. Or you might feel accountable to your workout buddy or your family who want you to get in shape so that you can be healthier and enjoy many more years with them. Being willing to put the work in and being ready to recognize when you are doing great and when you are falling short is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. This is regardless of whether you are taking weight loss supplements or diet pills to reach your goals.

Other Important Weight Loss Factors

The other factors that are associated with the greatest weight loss results include eating right and working out. But when it comes to eating right, it isn’t just about how much you eat, it’s also about the quality. If you find yourself eating a lot of junk food when you’re first starting out on your weight loss journey, take small steps until you’re eating organic, natural foods. And if you’re struggling to exercise for even just 30 minutes, start by putting in just 10 minutes per day and work your way up. Holding yourself accountable along the way will ensure you meet your milestones without giving up.

Once you know what the biggest weight loss factor really is, you could use that information to take your weight loss journey to the next level. Rather than wasting your time and energy on factors that aren’t as important, you could focus your efforts where they count the most and lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time.

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Why You Shouldn’t Lose Weight by Following Extreme Weight Loss Methods

consequences of extreme weight loss methods

When you are trying to lose weight, and when you are having a lot of difficulty shedding those excess pounds, you might be tempted to start following some of the many extreme weight loss methods that are out there. But this is dangerous, and there are many reasons why you should not try losing weight by following those methods. Continue reading to learn more so you can make the appropriate choices for your overall health when you need to slim down.

Your Body Doesn’t Get the Nutrition That It Needs

Dramatically cutting back on what you eat every day is one of the most common extreme weight loss methods, but cutting all of those calories also means that you will be cutting out a lot of the nutrition that your body needs every day to be energized and to stay healthy. Also, when you cut too many calories, you could adversely affect your metabolism, and your body will basically move into starvation mode and prevent weight loss. And if you think that you can just take supplements, think again, as your body requires nutrition from food in order to function at its best.

You Will Not Have Enough Energy

Another common consequence of extreme weight loss methods is a lack of energy. Not only will you feel fatigued and moody, but you will also be unable to get through your workouts, which are important if you want to burn more calories and fat while building more muscle. Basically, if you don’t have the right amount of calories to burn and the right nutrients to use for energy, you won’t be able to go to the gym or even do yoga.

You’ll Likely Gain the Weight Back Right Away

When you lose weight too quickly, it is more likely that you will end up gaining it back just as quickly. You can’t really expect long-term weight loss when you are yo-yo dieting and when you are using extreme tactics to shock your body into slimming down. Instead, you need to consistently eat well and exercise to keep the weight off.

Following extreme weight loss methods might seem like a good idea at first, but doing so will only cause more harm than good. Instead, it really is best to be gentle with your body and to work with it so that you can slim down safely. Eat right, exercise, follow a healthy and active lifestyle, and consider getting extra weight loss support from an over-the-counter weight management product like Phentramin-D.

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The Best Meal Timing to Burn More Fat

Best Meal Timing to Burn More Fat

The times of day that you enjoy your meals can have a profound impact upon your body’s ability to shed pounds in a more efficient way. Continue reading to learn about the best meal timing to burn more fat so you will be able to slim down and make your healthy diet and active lifestyle even more effective.

Best Meal Timing for Maximum Fat Burning

Finish Eating by Early Afternoon

If you can manage to do it, consider finishing all of your meals by the time the early afternoon rolls around. Individuals who do this tend to have reduced fluctuations in their hunger, and they are also able to burn a bit more fat compared to individuals who eat their meals throughout the day.

The research that has been conducted shows that the timing of your calories matters when it comes to hunger and fat burning. If you can eat more food in the early part of the day, you might achieve better weight loss results. So try to eat all of your meals by 2 p.m. or 4 p.m., rather than going until 8 p.m., if you want to take advantage of meal timing to burn more fat.

Consider Going Plant-Based for Most of the Day

Another weight loss approach that you can take when it comes to planning out the timing of your meals is eating a plant-based diet until around 6 p.m. every day. For breakfast, lunch, and snacks, load your plate with whole grains, beans, legumes, veggies, and fruits so you can enjoy healthy and nutrient-dense foods that are low in calories and fat but packed with fiber and antioxidants. Then you can have whatever you want at dinner.

Plan Your Meals with Your Workouts

Because working out will boost your insulin sensitivity and enhance your muscles’ ability to use carbs, time out your meals so your muscles will end up using whatever carbs you eat to recover from exercise. For example, you can have all of your carbohydrates for the day both during and after workouts, regardless of what time of day you exercise. But for the rest of the day, you should focus on healthy, lean foods.

Now that you know some of the facts associated with meal timing to burn more fat, you can start planning out your eating schedule in a manner that will help your body slim down more easily. If you can’t quite get the timing right, though, you can also take a weight management product like Phentramin-D for extra support.

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