The Calories You’ll Need to Burn to Lose a Pound of Fat

burn calories to lose one pound of fat

If you have a certain number of pounds that you want to lose, you might be wondering just how many calories you will need to cut in order to reach your goal. So how many calories do you have to burn off in order to lose just one pound of fat? We give you all the information that you need below.

The Basic Formula

There is a basic formula that you can use to figure out how many calories you need to cut in order to lose a pound of fat each week. Put simply, in order to lose a pound of fat, you need to burn off a total of 3,500 calories.

This is a pretty well known formula that has been around for a while, so people have been using it in order to calculate how many calories they would need to cut over the course of a week so that they could lose a pound per week. But you could also try another strategy to lose more weight in the same amount of time.

The Latest Information on How to Lose Weight More Quickly

Unfortunately, if you want to lose more than just one pound per week, you need to burn more than 3,500 calories—a lot more. As you might have guessed, in order to burn off two pounds of body fat, you need to burn double the amount of calories than you previously thought: 7,000 calories! But this typically works for most people over a longer period of time than just one week. After all, it could be difficult to burn off 1,000 calories every day.

Finding the Right Balance

For the average dieter, it is a lot easier to aim to cut 3,500 calories per week, which translates to about 500 calories per day. If you want to lose a pound of fat per week, you need to stick to this strict formula. If you want to lose two pounds per week to get faster results, though, you need to aim to burn 7,000 calories over the course of that week.

Whether you choose to go with the basic 3,500 calorie formula or you aim higher with 7,000 calories per week, you should be able to start seeing results with these weight-loss plans. The key is to eat right and be active every day so that you can restrict the number of calories that you eat while also burning excess calories with your workout routine.

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Intense Craving Causes and How to Make Them Stop

Intense Craving Causes and solutions

Whether or not you’re trying to lose weight, the irresistible urge to eat the wrong foods can be bad for you. By understanding intense craving causes you can help yourself to stop them from happening in the first place, or at least overcome them in the healthiest possible way.

Getting to know the biggest intense craving causes arms you against them in a very powerful way. It helps you to narrow down the culprit and to shut it down before it can do any damage to your current waistline or your attempt to lose more weight.

Consider the following top intense craving causes so you can know how to make them stop:

• Low serotonin levels – Serotonin is a neurotransmitter – that is, a brain chemical – which is primarily produced within the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, it has a direct link to the mood, digestion and even the appetite. Consuming carbohydrates like sugar can give our serotonin levels a temporary boost. Therefore, when serotonins are low, our brains can send us huge carb cravings to overcome it. Unfortunately, that’s not the best idea for weight management. If you’re craving something sweet, skip the candy bar. Instead, grab a handful or two of your favorite berries or even a square or two of very dark chocolate (at least 70 percent cocoa). This will give your body the boost in needs without overloading your calories.

• Emotional triggers – This cause is huge and can occur regularly throughout the day if you’re not careful. Because it can be caused by anything from boredom to excitement and from sadness to low self esteem or even poor body image, you can find yourself starving for foods you don’t want or need virtually all the time. Overcoming this one can be a challenge, but consider some positive self talk, regular hydration, meditation and yoga. Don’t forget to try to get a good sleep at night, too, as that can go a long way toward emotional control.

• Leptin resistance – Leptin is a hormone naturally produced by your body. Its main job is to tell your brain when you are full so you don’t feel hungry anymore. However, when your body has stored too much fat, the leptin hormone may not function as it should. This can cause you to feel hungry much more than you should. Overcome leptin resistance by drinking lots of water and eating regularly. Have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack, as well as an evening one if you feel you need it. Just make sure you’re choosing foods that are high in fiber, nutrient dense, low in calories and that possibly contain protein, too.


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Go-To Sites for Healthy Recipes

Sharefit sites for healthy recipes

Are you searching for new recipes all the time to keep your homemade meals interesting and full of variety? Well, you don’t need to invest a lot of your money into expensive cookbooks to get the job done, as there are loads of websites that have some of the best recipes that your entire family will enjoy. Knowing which websites to use, though, is the key, as you don’t want to throw your healthy diet off course, so stick with the following sites for healthy recipes that are delicious too.


Check out for some inspiring tools and stories related to weight loss and fitness, but also be sure to read some of the many healthy nutritionist recommended recipes that are found throughout the site while you are there as well. You can gain valuable insights into how you can eat better every day, and you can also learn about the healthiest food trends and the best ways to indulge without undoing your progress.


Another one of the many great sites for healthy recipes is, where you will find a wide array of recipes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can even find fast and easy recipes that will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family, and there are recipes for healthy snacks and drinks too.

Cooking Light

Check out the website for Cooking Light magazine, which is focused on everything related to leading a healthy lifestyle. You can access recipes with high quality images so you will know exactly what to expect when your dish is complete, and the recipes also include valuable nutritional information that you can use to keep track of the amount of calories and fat that you are consuming. Plus, if you are new to cooking or if you want to improve your technique, you can check out their Cooking 101 section.

Food Network

The Food Network’s website is also jam-packed with some amazing recipes, but just stick with the leaner options that are found in the Healthy Eating Section. You can find light recipes that will be just as satisfying as their unhealthy counterparts, so you won’t have to feel deprived while you are dieting.

By following the right sites for healthy recipes, you can always have access to a library of yummy recipes that you can enjoy as you work on losing weight and getting in shape. Regardless of what diet you follow or what your weight loss goals are, with the right foods and nutrients, you will feel nourished and energized every day.

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Can a Daily Dessert be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Daily Dessert for healthy diets

If you are trying your best to stay well by following a healthy diet, and if you are trying to lose excess weight efficiently, you might be wondering if you can enjoy a daily dessert.
The truth is that, yes, you can have dessert even if you are on a diet, but you need to be careful about how you approach your dessert. Follow the tips below so you can enjoy a sweet treat at the end of your dinner without having to worry about throwing your diet off track.

Focus on Portions
You can certainly have a daily dessert if you focus on the amount of dessert that you are indulging in. this will allow you to satisfy your craving for salt or sugar without undermining your weight loss efforts. A little treat every day that is within the 100 to 200 calorie range won’t do much damage, especially if you are focusing on controlling your portions and eating healthy whole food recipes the rest of the day.

Stay Active
Another way to enjoy your daily dessert without the guilt, even if it ends up being more than 200 calories, is by staying active. Having a fitness routine that keeps you motivated and keeps you active is a great way to burn off your dessert before it can do any harm to your figure or your health. So as long as you are exercising enough and you are not leading a sedentary lifestyle, you can have dessert and really indulge in a variety of flavors every day.

Stick with Healthy Dessert Options
There’s a wide array of healthy dessert recipes out there that you can try, or you can simply have a bit of fruit after dinner if you are hoping to satisfy your sweet tooth. The natural sugars that are found in your favorite fruits will allow you to enjoy something really tasty, but the fruit will also be packed with nutrients, water, and antioxidants that are necessary to maintaining your health.

As you can see, you can certainly have a bit of dessert every day, but the key is to focus on what you are having for dessert, as well as how much of it you are going to indulge in. With the right balance, you won’t have to feel guilty and you can continue losing weight, especially if you are also taking a weight management pill like Phentramin-D.

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Why Your Body Needs Time to Adjust to Healthy Eating

How to Adjust to Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is an important step that you must take in order to manage your overall wellbeing, reduce your risk of developing a variety of diseases, and keep your weight in check. But did you know that your body will require some time to adjust to healthy eating if you aren’t the type of person who already eats healthy, homemade, fresh meals? Keep reading to learn more so you can be prepared.

Fewer Calories Means Less Energy and More Hunger
When you start to eat healthier, you’ll end up cutting out a lot of unnecessary calories from your daily diet, but doing so will end up reducing the amount of energy that you have, at least until your body is able to adjust to the changes. This is especially true if you’re increasing your level of physical activity at the same time that you’re changing your diet.

You should aim to consume 13 calories for every pound of your body weight if you aren’t very active. If you’re moderately active, you should aim to get 16 calories for each pound that you weigh, or 18 calories for every pound you weigh if you exercise regularly. Stick to getting these calories from foods that are dense in nutrients so you can enjoy sustained amounts of energy.
In addition to having less energy, consuming fewer calories will also make you feel hungrier until your body adjusts. You can avoid this easily by only cutting 200-300 calories from your diet at the beginning.

More Fiber Means Digestive Changes
When you switch to a healthier diet, you’ll be consuming more fiber than you used to, so your body will need to adjust to the increased amount of fiber that’s suddenly in your diet.
You shouldn’t add foods that are high in fiber too quickly, as that could result in flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, or bloating. However, if you start incorporating small amounts of legumes, beans, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, you can give your body time to adjust to healthy eating without causing digestive upset.

A good rule to follow is to add 2-3 grams of fiber every day, and slowly increase your daily intake of fiber to 30-40 grams per day.
Even though your body will need to adjust to healthy eating, it will all be worth it in the end. If you’re changing your diet to lose weight, consider also taking a product like Phentramin-D to boost your odds of success.

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3 Fall Fruits You Should be Eating to Boost Energy and Banish Appetite

fall fruits you should be eating

There is no single food that can solve all your weight loss problems. Even the most nutritious superfood can’t do that for you. That said, there are lots of foods like fruits you should be eating to achieve certain goals. For example, some fall fruits are excellent for helping to keep your appetite under control as they fill you with energy.

If you have been struggling with feelings of hunger, then you might consider learning about the fruits you should be eating to satisfy your appetite. At the same time, these foods can provide you with more energy so you won’t feel like you’re dragging through the day. This is the case, even if their calorie counts are pretty low.

Consider the following fruits you should be eating to give yourself energy and kill that feeling of hunger no matter when it strikes:

Apples – Research is showing that apples area wonderful choice of snack when you want energy, nutrition and to support weight loss. They’re great for filling you up when you’re feeling hungry, too. The reason is that they contain a good amount of soluble fiber, which makes its way slowly through the stomach, giving you a feeling of fullness. Apples also contain ursolic acid. That natural compound helps your body to speed up its fat burning while promoting the growth and preservation of lean muscle. At the same time that apples provide all those benefits, they are also very low in calories. A medium sized apple contains only 93 calories but gives you a nice 4.3 grams of fiber.

Figs – Many people forget about figs when it comes to the fruits that become available in the fall. However, they can be great for weight loss and are perfect for taking the edge off hunger. Two medium figs have only 74 calories but still deliver 2.9 grams of fiber. These are flavorful, they take some time to chew, so the experience of eating them lasts and they can even help to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to turn to added sugars.

Pears – one medium pair has only about 100 calories and will give you a huge 5.5 grams of fiber. This large amount of fiber will help to make the stomach feel fuller for a longer period of time. This can be done without having a big impact on the daily intake of calories. In this way, you can beat your hunger without overeating at the same time.

If you still find yourself struggling with hunger, consider a high quality appetite suppressant like Phentramin-d. It can make all the difference you need.

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Make Healthy Pancakes with These Protein Packed Recipes

Healthy Pancakes

Just because a breakfast tastes indulgent and flavorful, it doesn’t mean it needs to be bad for you, especially when you make healthy pancakes. Certainly, your best option is some steel cut oats with your favorite berries poured over top, but when the weekend rolls around, it’s time to bring out the very best.

Fortunately, when you make healthy pancakes that are full of protein and other nutrients, you don’t have to feel an ounce of guilt for spoiling yourself. The key is to choose the one you love the best or to switch them up so you have something new to try each weekend.

Give these recipes a try as you make healthy pancakes you and your family will love:

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein Pancakes – Mix together Greek yogurt, protein powder, peanut butter and some cocoa powder and you’ll have an explosion of flavor, protein and a lot of healthful nutrients. Top with your favorite berries and, if you have a real sweet tooth, a touch of raw honey.
Green Smoothie Pancakes – These are some of the most filling, healthful, protein packed and awesome looking pancakes you’ll ever make. They’re bright green from the spinach they contain, though you won’t have to worry about a bitter taste because that will be easily covered by the ripe bananas and a little bit of pure maple syrup (not the fake stuff, please).
Banana Protein Pancakes – If you loved the banana in the last one, then why not embrace that flavor even more. Blend together banana, cinnamon and some protein powder for a ton of nutrients, a boost of protein and the blood sugar controlling benefits of that earthy spice.
Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes – Can’t get enough of the cinnamon from that last recipe, why not feature it even more by adding some apple for that classic combination. Add a touch of coconut oil for some healthy medium chain fats and just that much more indulgence to the final taste and texture.
Chia Seed Lemon Pancakes – This protein packed recipe features the unique texture and nutrition of chia seeds and the zing of lemon zest. You’ll love how filling they are and how satisfied you feel every time you have them

Weekend breakfasts can still be a treat but now you don’t have to feel any guilt for enjoying them. Just remember not to overdo it when it comes to syrups as toppings. These pancakes taste so good that it’s better not to drown them in sugars.

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The Welcome Surprise Benefits of Healthy Eating

surprise benefits of healthy eating

It shouldn’t come as news to you to hear that nutritious foods are a great way to boost your health. However, there are a number of surprise benefits of healthy eating aside from general wellness. It’s not that being healthy isn’t enough of a goal, but when you’re trying to rebuild your eating habits in a positive way, it’s nice to know that you have even more advantages to expect.

Have a look at these surprise benefits of healthy eating that often take people off guard. It makes it much easier to keep up the effort to learn about new foods and recipes while trying new things.

Here are some great surprise benefits of healthy eating that will have you spending more time in the produce aisles of your supermarket.

A more attractive smile – believe it or not, brushing your teeth isn’t the only thing that keeps your smile healthy. What you eat can go a long way toward oral and dental wellness. Plain yogurt, high fiber fruits and omega-3 fatty acids can help to give you naturally better breath, keep plaque at bay, and prevent gum disease. Simply by eating better, you’ll be able to look forward to much easier visits to the dentist.

A more youthful appearance – foods with a high water content naturally provide the skin with moisturizers. Fruits and veggies can not only perform that task but also give your skin some healthful antioxidants that protect against damage. Omega-3s from oily fish and ground flaxseed can nourish the skin. These all work together to avoid sagging and bagging while preventing the formation and appearance of wrinkles.

A less stressful life – certain healthy foods – particularly those containing magnesium, vitamin C and Omega-3, among others – can help to prevent cortisol level spikes. Cortisol is often known as the “stress hormone” and it is blamed for a number of unpleasant symptoms such as anxiety, weight gain and even an increased risk of certain illnesses such as heart disease and some cancers.

Weight loss – when you’re eating nutrient dense foods, you’ll be far more likely to naturally lose weight and then keep it at a healthy level for your body type. The better you eat, the better equipped your organs are to function. When they’re not running sluggishly, you’ll decrease the chance of unnecessary bloating or fat storage.

Get a head start with healthy eating by managing your appetite and fat burning through the Phentramin-d proprietary formulation.

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What to Do When You Can’t Get Used to Healthy Eating

Get Used to Healthy Eating Food

When you have tried but can’t get used to healthy eating it can feel as though you’re trapped. It is as though you are stuck in a junk food world when all you want is to live healthfully. It’s not a matter of willpower. Don’t tell yourself that you are just being weak. Instead, understand that you haven’t taken the right steps to develop the proper healthful eating habits.

Being able to get used to healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore. It can actually be a very enjoyable process and you can love both the foods and the experience. Just make sure you’re following the right advice and not setting yourself up for failure right from the beginning.

Read More

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What Is the 5:2 Diet?

52 Diet for weight loss

The 5:2 Diet is a weight management eating strategy that requires its followers to stick to 2 days of fasting every week after eating however they want for the remaining 5 days. This concept is an ancient one but it has been reinvented over the centuries until this latest form.

If you are considering a fasting program, then you may want to consider the 5:2 Diet, but it is a very good idea to check with your doctor before you get started as it is not necessarily appropriate for everyone.

Many people consider this to be a kind of part-time diet, as it really only involves altering your eating habits for two days per week. That said, those two days require some serious limitations every week as you will need to cut back to one quarter of your recommended daily caloric intake. For an average man, that means you’ll need to scale it back to a measly 600 calories per day, while the average woman is afforded even less at 500 calories per day.

For many people, that component of the 5:2 Diet can make or break their willingness to keep up with it. For some dieters, the fact that they need to restrict their eating only twice per week instead of every day makes it worthwhile. They’re willing to pour everything they have into those two days in order to be able to feast the rest of the time.

However, for others, the side effects of fasting can be too great and it decreases their willingness to keep it up. Some of those side effects can include hunger pangs, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, dehydration and sleepiness throughout the day while suffering from insomnia at night.

This diet first became popular in the United Kingdom in August 2012, when the “Eat Fast and Live Longer” episode of Horizon was aired on the BBC. Within it, Michael Mosley, respected journalist and doctor, proclaimed this diet as being “genuinely revolutionary” and followed up by publishing “The Fast Diet” at the start of the next year. Later that year, former BBC journalist, Kate Harrison, published her own version of that diet using the ratio as the title. This rapidly crossed the pond to the United States where the slightly altered version of Mosley’s strategy caught on with considerably greater grip.

That said, many people are also combining that strategy with the use of high quality diet pills like Phentramin-D on the five days that the fasting is not occurring. This way, even when they are not fasting, they are still shrinking their food cravings, boosting their fat burning and increasing their energy levels.

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