How to Find a Fitness Instructor You’ll Love

Find a Fitness Instructor you will love

It’s important you find yourself a good fitness instructor. A good fitness instructor will not only guide you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle but they will also keep you motivated at all times. Here’s how you can find yourself the perfect fitness instructor you will love:

Ask Friends and Family
It is a good idea you first ask your friends and family if they happen to know a fitness instructor. This way, you will be able to get a reasonable quote. Send in an email in your friend circle, informing everybody you are looking for a fitness instructor. You can hardly judge somebody’s credibility and professionalism in the first meeting, so make sure you get your friends’ opinions.

Look For a Trainer Who is Easily Accessible
You spend a lot of your time in the gym but your workouts do not end there. A fitness instructor’s job is to teach his clients how to lead healthier lives, whether it’s through exercise or diet. You would want a fitness instructor you can easily call and text in your time of need. While going through potential applicants, make sure you ask them if they will be available through calls and text messages.

Search Online
To find a fitness instructor, you can easily search for one on the internet. If you have an eye on a particular instructor, you can even check out their LinkedIn profile to view their qualifications and experience. There are many groups and communities dedicated to finding good fitness instructors on social media websites. Join these online communities so you can exchange reviews about different people.

Take Your Time
Some people are talented in intimidating others, so do not fall for it. No matter how qualified a person ‘appears’, always do your research and take your time. You are deciding to put your health and wellbeing in the hands of somebody else, so you need to choose wisely. If you want to find somebody that can help you transform your life, you have to be picky. When buying a new shirt, you do not just buy the first one that catches your eye. You survey the entire shop for a better item and compare prices. You need to apply the same logic if you want to find a fitness instructor you will love.

Be Certain About Qualifications
Make sure your fitness instructor is actually qualified to do the job. A good fitness instructor will have certificates from reputable organizations or degrees according to their fitness field. Always be upfront and ask for their qualifications. If you are in doubt, ask around or you can do some background research online. It takes a lot to find a fitness instructor who is worth your money but the results are worth it.

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The Top Strength Training Exercises for Weight Loss

Strength Training Exercises for weight loss

Strength training exercises (both self-loading and external loads) must be a part of any weight loss program, combined with aerobic exercise and a healthy diet. It is common to find people who want to lose weight but not by performing strength exercises. Their point is that aerobic and cardio exercises are enough to get the weight loss results they want.

However, for greater efficiency to lose weight or maintain weight loss, you require up to 300 minutes per week of moderate physical activity. Moreover, you can perform a combination of exercises of low and high impact. Perform strength training exercises at least twice a week, however, it is recommended to follow the guidelines of each discipline. There are many advantages of strength gaining exercises, as these exercises are more efficient when made part of weight loss program. Some of the best ones are:

Strength Exercises for Biceps

How to perform the exercise:

Hold a high horizontal bar with the palms of the hands backwards. Make sure your hands are ‘hanging’.
Raise your body by bending both arms.
Then lower body by means of controlled extension of both arms.
Strength Training: 4 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions.

Chin to Chest

How to perform the exercise:

Place your hands on the bars under the chin and lift your body.
Descend by flexing arms to the lowest possible level.
Then raise your body by extending your arms completely.
It is considered one of the best strength training exercises.
Strength Training: 4 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions.

Leg Raise with Charge

How to perform this exercise:

Lie down on a flat bench with a dumbbell between your legs.
Elevate your legs or just keep them straight and then bend slightly.
Lower both legs in a controlled manner.
Strength Training: 4 sets of 6 reps at the highest possible intensity.

Deceleration Abdomen

How to perform the exercise:

Sit on a declined bench
Move your torso back and then stop at about 45o.
Restart immediately, in the opposite direction, and bringing your body to its initial position. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise.
Strength Training: 4 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions with the maximum weight.

So, if you are looking to build strength by working out the exercises mentioned above are some of the best you can perform. Rest assured, they will enable you to lose weight in no time.

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Best Ways to Slim and Tone Legs

exercises for slim and tone legs

Toned and slim legs may be difficult to achieve, but this is not an impossible task. This can also be accomplished with little or no workout equipment. This means no intricate machines and no treadmills are required for this purpose. Some people may be unaware of it, but most of the many effective exercises for slim and tone legs are bodyweight exercises that involve no additional weight or equipment for resistance. These are some of the best ways to slim and tone legs without heavy or expensive gear:


Although walking is more common and popular, dream-like toned legs are often a result of running instead of brisk walking. It definitely helps you burn more fat and requires a lot more energy than walking does. Make sure you start slow by running once a week and then gradually moving your way up to making it three times a week. For running, select a route that is flat so you can develop your quad and calf muscles, which effectively helps in slimming down legs.


If walking and running are not your thing, take charge behind the wheels. You can also make use of a stationary bike at your home or at the gym. Bike riding is often underestimated and burns a lot more calories than people believe, around 500 to 600 an hour. Since your legs constantly pedal at those wheels, it tones your legs effectively, and you will start noticing the results immediately.


Did you think trampolines were only meant for kids? Think again. For those heavy legs and thighs, rebounding on a trampoline is sure to burn a fine amount of fat as your leg muscles get into action. This is a fun way to slim and tone legs, which you can enjoy with your children as well.


Another fitness regime without heavy equipment is pilates, which is an effective way to develop lean leg muscles for slim and tone legs. It involves a lot of stretching, which burns fat in the most troublesome areas. Instead of attending a pilates class, you can sign up for online pilate video lessons that suit your schedule for ultimate convenience.

Do not be disheartened if you do not see your legs toning right away. It can be a long process in some cases, but the results make it all worth it. Accepting your body and then working on it is the first step to embark on a fitness regime to tone your body.

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Get in Great Shape Without The Gym Membership

get in great shape without the gym

The fated gym membership has become more popular since most gyms have dropped the price of their regular memberships. But you have to ask yourself why? If they are doing oh so well, why would they bother to drop the prices to a flat rate 45 bucks a month so you can get in great shape without the heavy gym membership? Because they aren’t doing that well.

Have you ever noticed being in a shopping mall with a gym in it, and passing by are the canvassers handing out flyers. Or maybe on the way you’ve seen those poor souls in the corner with one of those spinney signs begging you to come in? No money down and 30 bucks a month and you can even bring another person? Well there is a reason for this. And that is they are desperate for your business. But they aren’t going to starve. Why? because they have figured out the formula to staying on tip and by joining–even at low, low rates–you are making the chain rich and gaining nothing for yourself but weight.

They know you will never come more than–if you’re lucky the first three weeks to the first three months. Statistically speaking the average person starts to think of reasons not to go to the gym within the first three weeks of membership ESPECIALLY if it is at a lower rate that can be cancelled because there is no contract. Then what happens is when you try to cancel you get sent to the retention line where you will be talked into an even lower limited rate so they keep a small monthly income from each person.

So how do you get in great shape without the gym?

You get disciplined and you create an inexpensive home gym for yourself. Or, conversely, if you are really on a tight budget or know you will visit the treadmill at home as much as you would at the gym you could do this. Just walk–that’s right–just start walking 20 minutes at least 3 times a week and see what happens. Then go out and spend $20 bucks and get wrist weights and ankle weights. You need no more than 3-5 pounds of resistance to burn calories and tone while you are enjoying the outdoors. Biking and swimming will do just as well and in fact, they are both complete exercises. Which means they work all the major and most of the minor muscle groups. So, what is the difference between your bike and pool at the house and the bike, pool and treadmill at the gym? You can get in great shape free at home.

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What Makes Morning Workouts So Effective for Weight Loss

morning workouts for weight loss

You hear it all the time that morning workouts are the way to go. So what makes morning the very best time to lose weight and to get your body going? There are a number of reasons why this is the best time of day to workout. If nothing else start by thinking about the fact that this is your time to dedicate to working out before any of the craziness begins. When you are busy and hectic in your day it is often hard to steal away for a workout. If however you plan to work out in the morning then this is your dedicated time to take care of yourself before anything else goes on.

Another reason why morning workouts are so great for you is that it gets the body up and moving. You have gone from a rest state to an active one and that means that the metabolism is in full active mode. You are burning crazy calories, the metabolism starts working like crazy right away, and this makes for a very powerful way to start your day. You will find that revving the metabolism in this way keeps you going for the entire day long. You are more energized and burning calories more effectively, even at a resting state. You do want to be sure to eat a morning snack before you go, but this makes for a truly powerful time to work the body in this manner.

You Have So Much To Gain From These

Another reason that morning workouts work so well is that the body can focus only on the activity that you are giving to it. You likely don’t have to invest much effort into digestion as the food that you have eaten is minimal. You can put in more effort and really benefit from this all day long. You get so much energy out of this to keep you going all day and that means that you are at your very best. The body really needs to be in motion. Starting off the day like this is so imperative to keeping yourself strong.

You will also find that morning workouts become routine a lot faster. Sure you may not want to get up at first, but you will commit to this once you see that it can and will work. You won’t have other commitments or excuses to keep you from working out as you would at other parts of the day. Your metabolism is going strong, you are burning calories, and you work to make workouts a priority when you commit to morning workouts. So if you needed a reason to wake up and workout, now you have several so make the commitment and keep it going strong!

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