Best Ways to Slim and Tone Legs

Best Ways to Slim and Tone Legs

exercises for slim and tone legs

Toned and slim legs may be difficult to achieve, but this is not an impossible task. This can also be accomplished with little or no workout equipment. This means no intricate machines and no treadmills are required for this purpose. Some people may be unaware of it, but most of the many effective exercises for slim and tone legs are bodyweight exercises that involve no additional weight or equipment for resistance. These are some of the best ways to slim and tone legs without heavy or expensive gear:


Although walking is more common and popular, dream-like toned legs are often a result of running instead of brisk walking. It definitely helps you burn more fat and requires a lot more energy than walking does. Make sure you start slow by running once a week and then gradually moving your way up to making it three times a week. For running, select a route that is flat so you can develop your quad and calf muscles, which effectively helps in slimming down legs.


If walking and running are not your thing, take charge behind the wheels. You can also make use of a stationary bike at your home or at the gym. Bike riding is often underestimated and burns a lot more calories than people believe, around 500 to 600 an hour. Since your legs constantly pedal at those wheels, it tones your legs effectively, and you will start noticing the results immediately.


Did you think trampolines were only meant for kids? Think again. For those heavy legs and thighs, rebounding on a trampoline is sure to burn a fine amount of fat as your leg muscles get into action. This is a fun way to slim and tone legs, which you can enjoy with your children as well.


Another fitness regime without heavy equipment is pilates, which is an effective way to develop lean leg muscles for slim and tone legs. It involves a lot of stretching, which burns fat in the most troublesome areas. Instead of attending a pilates class, you can sign up for online pilate video lessons that suit your schedule for ultimate convenience.

Do not be disheartened if you do not see your legs toning right away. It can be a long process in some cases, but the results make it all worth it. Accepting your body and then working on it is the first step to embark on a fitness regime to tone your body.

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