What is the Sirtfood Diet?

What is the Sirtfood Diet?

Sirtfood Diet information

The Sirtfood Diet is an eating strategy that has taken off due to the fact that it allows followers to be able to eat red wine and chocolate on a regular basis. The media has given it a tremendous amount of attention, particularly because of the extra treats it seems to include among its seemingly healthful design.

But what is the Sirtfood Diet and what is it supposed to do? It all starts with understanding what a “sirtfood” is, in the first place. It is essentially a nickname for foods that are high in sirtuin activators. Sirtuin is a form of protein that provides the body’s cells with protection against inflammation or death from illness. Research has indicated that these foods can be helpful in the regulation of the metabolism, in fat burning and in boosting muscle mass.

Though the media has focused on the chocolate and red wine, the Sirtfood Diet is actually much more complex than just that. After all, you’re not going to be boosting your health or improving your weight if all you do is snack on chocolate bars and chug down the vino. Instead, this eating strategy requires you to focus much of your food consumption on certain items that are deemed sirtfoods, including turmeric, red onion, olive oil, citrus fruits, apples, blueberries, kale, capers, parsley, soy, green tea, strawberries, and several others. Coffee is another option, which has helped keep this diet on the winning side of popular opinion.

Japan and Italy are among the countries in which people commonly consume these foods as a regular part of their diet and those are some of the countries in which the populations are the most healthy.

That said, there is little scientific evidence that this specific diet can live up to its claims. The first few days of the diet are extremely restrictive and many have said that the recommendations it makes are more in line with the idea of a fad diet than something that can be maintained over the long term.

That said, while it may not be as healthful and miraculous as many people claim, the focus on highly nutritious foods can help to give the immune system a boost and ensure that someone who has previously been eating a diet based mainly on packaged foods will enjoy more healthful meals, overall. Before making the switch, it is highly recommended that a doctor be consulted.

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