How to Prevent Weight Gain While Enjoying Your Favorite Foods

How to Prevent Weight Gain While Enjoying Your Favorite Foods

Prevent Weight Gain and enjoy food

When you start on a weight loss plan, all you think about is the cheat day you have coming after two weeks or so. The anticipation of that day is as much fun as the day itself. You plan it from morning until night, filling that day with activities that revolve around food to be able to enjoy your favorite meals as much as you can on that one day. However, that day passes as soon as it arrives and then you are left feeling bloated, tired, guilty, and waiting for the next cheat day.

This is a horrible way to live and no one should have to live this way in order to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to enjoy a healthy relationship with food so that you do not feel guilty after eating your favorite meals and so that your happiness doesn’t depend solely on the meals of that day. When you stop anticipating what your next meal will be and when it will be, you stop looking at food as if it is the only source of pleasure in your life. That is when you are truly free of the control food has over you.

That is the only way to prevent weight gain while enjoying your favorite foods as well. When you eat something, enjoy it and feel good about it without fixating on it. The obsession and addiction forces you to make food forbidden, and anything that is off-limits becomes more exciting than it ever was. If you want to spend a life, spellbound by food, you can happily continue dieting and living the same way you do now. However, if you want to prevent weight gain even after eating all your favorite meals, this is what you need to do.

You need to see food as fuel instead of as a pleasure mechanism. You can do so by allowing yourself to eat any food you want, until you are no longer hungry and only when you are hungry. That is the key to prevent weight gain even while eating all your favorite foods, simply by eating them only when you feel you are truly hungry and not just craving the foods. Eat slowly and chew a lot while completely savoring the food, with all your attention on doing nothing but eating.

When you occupy yourself in other activities while eating, you do not gain the amount of satisfaction that you would have gained if all your attention was focused on the meal. This is the sole reason why no matter how much food you eat, you are not satisfied. If you started treating what you eat as fuel by giving it all your attention while you eat and focusing on one thing at a time, not only food would become more satisfying but you will also derive a lot more satisfaction and pleasure from your life as well.

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