Understanding Your Optimal Weight Range

Understanding Your Optimal Weight Range

finding your optimal weight range

When you know that you want to lose weight and change your body, you want to be focused on finding your optimal weight range. This is a great way to help you measure up to where you want to be. Though there are certainly other factors involved, determining the weight that you should or want to be at can really help to provide some valuable input. You can give yourself this number as a goal or just help yourself to work towards something much more tangible. Either way getting to understand your optimal weight range at least gives you some concrete numbers and ideas to work off of.

To start to understand your optimal weight range you want to start with a couple of simple calculations. Many think that getting an assessment of your Body Mass Index is the way to go. This can help you to see where you are at, and a good calculation to use is as follows.

Body Mass Index = Weight in Pounds/(Height in Inches x Height in Inches)

The only problem with this is that it is usually best measured. While the calculation can help, getting an accurate measurement can be of greater help. This is usually done by a dietician or personal trainer, but the calculation can show you something to start with. You can see how much of your body is made of fat vs. muscle, and then the range will dictate where you fall. You have a certain range to fit within based on your gender and age, and this will tell you know what to strive for and what your optimal weight range and body make up should be.

Another helpful calculation is one that is used more readily these days. Try out this calculation for a glimpse of what you should be focused on.

Ideal Weight = Lean Body Mass/(1 – Desired Body Fat Percentage)

As with anything you must remember your own unique circumstances to gauge this right. If you are trying to determine something like your optimal weight range take into factor a few considerations to help you focus properly. Gender factors in heavily as it’s very different for men and women. Age is another factor that will determine what type of range you should be. Even your body frame, such as petite versus more muscular or bigger boned can play a role. Be sure that you know what to work towards and what your own unique criteria will determine for you. This can give you a great goal to work towards in the end, and change your body forever!

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