Fastest Ways to Lose Weight Before the Holidays

Fastest Ways to Lose Weight Before the Holidays

Lose Weight Before the Holidays

Do you fear you may not fit into your favorite clothes in the upcoming holiday season, or are you feeling a little let-down by the weight you have put on? Whatever the reason may be, the good news for you is that you don’t really have to feel down owing to a few extra pounds. Listed below are the fastest ways to lose weight before the holidays. These simple yet effective weight-loss measures ensure you lose weight before the holidays in a fast yet healthy manner:

Include Resistant Starch in Your Diet

One of the best natural ways to promote weight loss is to switch to high-fiber food. Substitute resistant starch for complex, refined, and processed carbohydrates in your diet. So, what does resistant starch do? Resistant starch is loaded with nutrients, has a high fiber content, helps you feel full, and curbs your appetite. Resistant starch takes longer to be digested; therefore, it also results in slower release of energy, which means you will stay full for longer.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Increase your fluid intake, as that will help you eat less and clean your system. However, be careful that the fluids you intake primarily comprise water, and stay away from sugary drinks, like fruit juices and sodas. You may, however, want to add healthy options, like green tea, to your diet for detoxification.


Brisk walking is often described as the best exercise to stay healthy and lose weight. Instead of taking a car or bus to nearby locations, you can probably consider walking. If you walk as often as you can, you will notice the positive difference it will have on your weight and your overall well-being.


Exercise, when combined with a healthy and low-calorie diet, works faster and helps you lose weight in a healthy manner, besides promoting overall health. Therefore, exercise regularly and make it your habit.

Watch Your Calorie Intake

If you watch your calorie intake, you will be surprised to learn about how many calories you take in from sources you least suspected. Read food labels for calories and portion sizes to reach informed decisions to lose weight before the holidays.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. As far as possible, eat raw vegetables. Perhaps you can add a bowl of salad to your meals, which will not only help you increase your intake of vegetables and fruits but will also ensure you eat less.

Include Nuts and Dried Fruit in Your Diet

Eating nuts provides you not only nutrition but also healthy fat and fiber. Include a moderate quantity of nuts in your regular diet, which may also be the right answer to your food cravings.

Increase Your Intake of Calcium-Rich Food

Studies suggest that a diet high in calcium helps you burn more calories, apart from being helpful in cutting down fat buildup in the body. Making these foods a part of your daily diet will help you lose weight before the holidays and get into shape for the upcoming holiday season.

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