How to Prepare to Keep the Weight Off This Holiday Season

How to Prepare to Keep the Weight Off This Holiday Season

Keep the Weight Off this holiday

You have managed to lose a few pounds and have successfully abstained from extra calories for an entire week but with the holiday season coming up, you might already be worried about all your hard work going to waste. Luckily, there are a few precautions you can take to keep the weight off this holiday season. Here’s a list of things to do that will make ditching those extra calories a little easier:

Let Everybody Know You Are on a Diet
There’s nothing worse than having a friend chomping on your favorite unhealthy snacks when you are on a diet. There are subtle ways in which you can let your friends and family know you are on a diet. This will cause them to adopt a more considerate attitude while eating in front of you so you do not feel left out. Heck, your friend may even change the menu to make it healthier for your consumption. If you are heading out to a dinner party, bring with you a healthy dish to serve which you know everybody will love. This way, even if the menu is not entirely healthy, there will be something you can eat in bigger portions.

Prepare an Excellent Weight Loss Plan
It’s understandable if you want to go easy on weight loss during the holiday season. If you already know you will be unable to keep yourself from loading your plate with piles of food, you need an excellent weight loss plan. Target the few weeks before and after the holiday season to exercise and abstain from extra calories as much as you can so you can enjoy a few days of relief in the holiday season. Just remember you need to get back to your old routine straight after the holidays.

Sneak In Vegetables
Munching on vegetables is an easy way to protect yourself against obesity. Sneak in some vegetables while making pasta or baking a casserole. Adding vegetables to your plate increases fiber which helps make you feel fuller.

Turn Off the Telly
It has been widely known eating while watching TV is an unhealthy habit as it causes you to overeat. It’s easier to mindlessly snack on sugar loaded food when the television is on.

Sip Before and During Your Meals
Sipping on water before and during your meals has been linked with weight loss and cutting calories. Put down the fork at regular intervals and guzzle down a little water between bites. This gives your brain time to register the fullness, preventing you from overeating and helping you keep the weight off.

Eat On Smaller Plates
Switching to smaller plates confuses your brain into eating smaller portions of food. Eating from smaller plates can cause you to feel fuller with less food, helping you keep the weight off.

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