Make Healthy Pancakes with These Protein Packed Recipes

Make Healthy Pancakes with These Protein Packed Recipes

Healthy Pancakes

Just because a breakfast tastes indulgent and flavorful, it doesn’t mean it needs to be bad for you, especially when you make healthy pancakes. Certainly, your best option is some steel cut oats with your favorite berries poured over top, but when the weekend rolls around, it’s time to bring out the very best.

Fortunately, when you make healthy pancakes that are full of protein and other nutrients, you don’t have to feel an ounce of guilt for spoiling yourself. The key is to choose the one you love the best or to switch them up so you have something new to try each weekend.

Give these recipes a try as you make healthy pancakes you and your family will love:

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein Pancakes – Mix together Greek yogurt, protein powder, peanut butter and some cocoa powder and you’ll have an explosion of flavor, protein and a lot of healthful nutrients. Top with your favorite berries and, if you have a real sweet tooth, a touch of raw honey.
Green Smoothie Pancakes – These are some of the most filling, healthful, protein packed and awesome looking pancakes you’ll ever make. They’re bright green from the spinach they contain, though you won’t have to worry about a bitter taste because that will be easily covered by the ripe bananas and a little bit of pure maple syrup (not the fake stuff, please).
Banana Protein Pancakes – If you loved the banana in the last one, then why not embrace that flavor even more. Blend together banana, cinnamon and some protein powder for a ton of nutrients, a boost of protein and the blood sugar controlling benefits of that earthy spice.
Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes – Can’t get enough of the cinnamon from that last recipe, why not feature it even more by adding some apple for that classic combination. Add a touch of coconut oil for some healthy medium chain fats and just that much more indulgence to the final taste and texture.
Chia Seed Lemon Pancakes – This protein packed recipe features the unique texture and nutrition of chia seeds and the zing of lemon zest. You’ll love how filling they are and how satisfied you feel every time you have them

Weekend breakfasts can still be a treat but now you don’t have to feel any guilt for enjoying them. Just remember not to overdo it when it comes to syrups as toppings. These pancakes taste so good that it’s better not to drown them in sugars.

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