The Top Reasons to Get Rid of Belly Fat

The Top Reasons to Get Rid of Belly Fat

why get rid of belly fat

Not only is body fat extremely unattractive to look at but it is also profoundly hazardous to your health. Despite the cute names people have managed to make up for it over time, such as love handles or the “apple” shape, you need to get rid of belly fat since it contributes to the development of several other health issues.

Are Fat People More Likely to Develop Belly Fat?

The popular belief that only fat people have belly fat is erroneous since belly fat may even develop in skinny people if they do not look after themselves but instead lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Researchers have reported that belly fat may even be tucked around the stomach organs inside the belly and can only be seen by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT).

Why Is Belly Fat Harmful?

Researchers have proved belly fat is more harmful than unattractive due to the fact it increases the chances of a stroke, heart attack, or high blood pressure. Undeniably, abdominal fat is a key indicator of a range of abnormalities, more commonly referred to as “metabolic syndrome.” Belly fat also increases blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol, among other risks.

The best way to understand what belly fat actually does to your organs is summed up in one sentence by Lewis Kuller, MD, who is a professor and past chair of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, stated that the fatty acids from the belly fat go into your muscles and liver. In order to protect yourself from developing heart diseases and such, it is necessary to get rid of belly fat as early and as safely as possible.

Is Belly Fat More Likely to Harm Men or Women?

It is not a debatable subject as to whether men or women are more likely to be victims of belly fat since it has long been known that men are more likely to develop belly fat and endure the consequences. Women are more likely to be safe from any diseases that are the outcome of abdominal fat, but this is only until they reach menopause, when belly fat starts to bring about a decrease in estrogen levels and, in turn, increases the risk of heart diseases.

To some extent, your genes are to blame for the amount of belly fat you are likely to develop later in life. However, the lifestyle you adopt—the amount of physical activity in which you take part and the calories you consume—also plays a huge role in the shape you take on. Exercising regularly can easily help maintain a good shape and eliminate belly fat, no matter the genes. It is tough to get rid of belly fat once developed, but with enough dedication it is possible.

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