Get in Great Shape Without The Gym Membership

Get in Great Shape Without The Gym Membership

get in great shape without the gym

The fated gym membership has become more popular since most gyms have dropped the price of their regular memberships. But you have to ask yourself why? If they are doing oh so well, why would they bother to drop the prices to a flat rate 45 bucks a month so you can get in great shape without the heavy gym membership? Because they aren’t doing that well.

Have you ever noticed being in a shopping mall with a gym in it, and passing by are the canvassers handing out flyers. Or maybe on the way you’ve seen those poor souls in the corner with one of those spinney signs begging you to come in? No money down and 30 bucks a month and you can even bring another person? Well there is a reason for this. And that is they are desperate for your business. But they aren’t going to starve. Why? because they have figured out the formula to staying on tip and by joining–even at low, low rates–you are making the chain rich and gaining nothing for yourself but weight.

They know you will never come more than–if you’re lucky the first three weeks to the first three months. Statistically speaking the average person starts to think of reasons not to go to the gym within the first three weeks of membership ESPECIALLY if it is at a lower rate that can be cancelled because there is no contract. Then what happens is when you try to cancel you get sent to the retention line where you will be talked into an even lower limited rate so they keep a small monthly income from each person.

So how do you get in great shape without the gym?

You get disciplined and you create an inexpensive home gym for yourself. Or, conversely, if you are really on a tight budget or know you will visit the treadmill at home as much as you would at the gym you could do this. Just walk–that’s right–just start walking 20 minutes at least 3 times a week and see what happens. Then go out and spend $20 bucks and get wrist weights and ankle weights. You need no more than 3-5 pounds of resistance to burn calories and tone while you are enjoying the outdoors. Biking and swimming will do just as well and in fact, they are both complete exercises. Which means they work all the major and most of the minor muscle groups. So, what is the difference between your bike and pool at the house and the bike, pool and treadmill at the gym? You can get in great shape free at home.

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