Maximum Fat Burning Factors

Maximum Fat Burning Factors

fat burning factors for maximum results

Everyone who diets and even those who don’t and just want to maintain weight want to know the maximum fat burning factors and how they can use them. We will touch on this, but keep in mind this may take a little experimentation on your part. Each person has a slight variation in how they burn fat because of many factors.

Maximum fat burning factors include:

  • Everyone is different as far as body chemistry is concerned. Fat burn can be affected by these elements.
  • Age is a factor because your metabolism is going to slow down considerably with each decade.
  • Eating habits will certainly influence the way the individual will burn fat.
  • Sleeping habits will influence the metabolism—if you don’t get decent or enough sleep—everything slows down.
  • Activity levels that are low will certainly be a main component to the maximum fat burning factors.

So, these are the things to take into consideration in the aforementioned list. This is why more than one go around may be necessary before you discover your own maximum fat burning factors.

What you can do to boost your fat burning capability:
Physical activity:

The first thing you may want to experiment with is your fitness level. Make sure you find several exercises or ways to raise your heart-rate several times a week. Try them out to see if any of them work better than others. For some, just a quick walk works and for others it takes a lot or a little more.

Eating habits:

Adopt new eating habits slowly—make sure you aren’t doing a complete 360 in your diet right away because this will only cause you to shock your system. Introduce fat burning into your diet one or two foods at a time.

Fat burning foods and drinks:

  • Citrus as in grapefruit and oranges but leaning more towards the grapefruit.
  • Green tea to 3 x 4 oz. cups or more a day—there is some caffeine so get organic if you want to drink more—get “naturally decaffeinated”.
  • Any berry like blueberries and strawberries
  • Sauerkraut or any acidic cabbage at all

So let’s recap the maximum fat burning factors:

  • Raising the heart-rate 3 times week
  • Get regular sleep
  • Eat and drink fat-burning foods and take out saturated fats

Bonus tip:

Eat several small meals a day with your maximum fat burning factors.

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