What to Expect When You Start an Extreme Workout Program

What to Expect When You Start an Extreme Workout Program

Extreme Workout Program expectations

When you start an extreme workout program there are a number of changes that happen in your body, mind and overall life. Some of these may be expected, but others can take you completely off guard.

Before you begin an extreme workout program, take a moment to learn about some of the changes that will take place. This will help you to better prepare yourself and feel more comfortable as you realize that the changes are completely normal.

High motivation – When you start an extreme workout strategy, your motivation will be exceptionally high. For this reason, right at the start will be the easiest time to keep up with the workout. Even if it’s very tough, you’ll have the best drive to keep going right at the beginning.

Neuromuscular adaptation – As you continue your extreme workout program, you might notice your body starting to change. Your muscles are weak at the start so it will start activating them in a way that is unfamiliar to them. For that reason, your body will pour a lot of energy into building up the muscle. This will cause a lot of muscle growth and strength increases throughout the first month. It may make you think you’ve hit a plateau in weight loss but you’re actually burning fat and building muscle at the same time, which can level off the actual loss of weight. The numbers on the scale will drop again after your physical composition shift slows.

You’ll feel sore – Part of the growth of muscle is actually microscopic tearing which is then healed up and built upon. All those little tears can lead to soreness, especially in the evening and next day after a heavy workout. This helps to explain why it is very important to have resting days even when you’re doing a very intense workout strategy.

You’ll start to feel great again – There will be a stretch after the first month when you’ll feel like you’re doing everything right but are not making any progress. The truth is that you’ll have been making plenty of progress, it’s just that your body will have been in a phase of building and changing so many of the changes will be occurring on the outside. After the first month of speedy results, the more gradual outcomes seen for the next while can seem like nothing is happening. However, if you keep up your efforts, the visible differences will kick in again.

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