Eat Carbs and Lose Weight: Yes You Can!

Eat Carbs and Lose Weight: Yes You Can!

Eat Carbs and Lose Weight

Can you eat carbs and lose weight? Yes, you can! In order to get the results that you’re after, however, you do need to follow a few smart strategies, such as the ones that are listed below.

Why You Actually Shouldn’t Cut Out Carbs

Even though you might think that you can’t eat carbs if you want to lose weight, the truth is that your body needs carbs every day. Your body considers carbohydrates its go-to source of energy because they provide glucose as a fuel for bodily processes. Even your brain relies on glucose to function at its best. Following an unhealthy low carb diet can make you feel super tired and mentally drained. Also, if you are leading an active lifestyle, eating carbs will help provide you with the energy you need to perform at your best.

Eat Less Overall

You can certainly eat carbs throughout the day, as they do serve as an important energy source for your entire body. However, make it a point to reduce the amount of calories that you are ingesting during the day. To achieve weight loss results, you need to eat fewer calories, and you need to burn more calories through exercise and other physical activity.

Choose the Right Carbs

There are a lot of carbohydrates out there, so when it comes to eating carbs as part of a healthy diet, it all boils down to choosing the right foods. While cutting out carbs completely is not a good idea, you can reduce unhealthy carbohydrates, such as white pasta and white bread. Beyond that, it is a great idea to eat carbs that are packed with nutrition and low in calories and fat, such as long-grain rice, whole grains, legumes, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

Bottom line: don’t ditch carbs completely, no matter how many fad diets come and go with claims that carbohydrates are bad for you. Not all carbs are bad, and your body relies on carbs for energy. Simply being active and choosing the right carbohydrates to consume daily is the best way to meet your body’s needs, while also sticking to your weight loss plan.

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