Don’t Sabotage Weight Loss By Drinking Alcohol

Don’t Sabotage Weight Loss By Drinking Alcohol

drinking alcohol bad for weight loss

In our college years we are most likely to consume large quantities of alcohol. This is also when what is called “the freshmen ten” which is your first ten pounds you gain from the fraternity life and of course the pizza that goes with it.

So, in terms of alcohol being in any way, shape or form a good thing for weight loss—it just isn’t. A beer can have more than 1000 calories, this is 200 less than what you would be eating for your total calorie intake all day! Don’t sabotage weight loss by drinking alcohol.

How drinking alcohol affects us as we get older

At least when you were in your twenties, you had a metabolism that could handle the load –for a while that is. Then once we hit 30 you notice more on guys who drink more beer later into their lives that a little gut starts to form and between 35 and 40 its near impossible to remove. Why? Because we have unwittingly caused our bodies to peak out and get used to the beer gut. Now, it gets a bit more complicated as we go on.

Yo Yo diets and alcohol

When you are on diets more than once a year—it will begin to get harder and harder to lose because again—you are used to it and the body likes to have a comfortable place to stay stable. This is why when you hear people talk about their “trouble” spots; it seems they can move weight from every part of their body before this “trouble” spot. So suffice to say it is just better to not have the alcohol at all or switch to moderate drinking and light beers only. Maybe a glass of wine with a meal would kill the urge.

Drinking alcohol and social activity

But alas, that does not get one through a football season does it? Unfortunately there is just no way around alcohol and weight loss sabotage—it simply has to go or be significantly toned down. Here is a way to make it easier. Want to watch a game? Do it in a bar after happy hour so the two for ones aren’t there to tempt you. When you are invited to a party then try bringing your own non alcoholic beer and no one has to know any better—except you and your waistline.

Remember that drinking alcohol is a social thing—so let your buddies know it’s a no-go until the beer gut disappears!

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