How Drastic Calorie Deficits Ruin Your Metabolism

How Drastic Calorie Deficits Ruin Your Metabolism

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Losing weight is a big concern for most people. They resort to every trick in the book to do so. Sometimes they even go beyond the recommended regimen to get quick results. The initial results are exceptional and fast. However, these results come at a price. Losing weight fast requires Drastic Calorie Deficits.

Excessive decrease in caloric intake can cause a number of problems. Some of the problems associated with an excessive calorie decrease include damage to the metabolism. Once the metabolism is damaged, everything else goes downhill from there. Let’s look at how Drastic Calorie Deficits can damage your health and metabolism:

Loss of Muscle Tissue

One of the major negative effects of Drastic Calorie Deficits is loss in muscle mass. You may notice that you are losing a significant amount of weight. However, the aim of a weight loss regimen is to lose excess fat, not muscle. Losing muscle means you are losing your body’s strength. You will feel weak and get tired more often. Moreover, losing muscle will not give your body the proportionate shape that you are hoping to achieve. Instead you may even look the same, but you will have a lower body weight.

Metabolism Imbalance

Imbalance in your body’s metabolism is another side effect of reducing your calorie intake drastically. When your metabolism slows down, it ceases to digest the food you consume. Instead, the food is stored in your body for use later on. This food is converted to fat and you may begin to see elevated fat levels around your waist, thighs and hips. On the other hand, when you consume fibers to slow down your metabolism, the effect is temporary. Moreover, fibers do not provide any nutrients that could be converted to fat. In fact, fibers are good for the digestive system.

Loss of Water in the Body

Drastic Calorie Deficits often result in loss of water in one’s body. When your body loses water, you will notice an amazing reduction in your body weight. You may assume that the weight loss is due to fat burn. However, it will only be a loss of the essential water in your body. This type of weight loss is the most harmful as it can cause severe dehydration if you continue the regimen for too long. Weight lost this way can be regained in a matter of days if you drift away from your routine.

If you want to lose weight successfully and permanently, you have to follow a proper regimen. Always remember that weight lost by shortcut methods and drastic calorie deficits is temporary and damaging to your health.

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