Craziest Pokemon Go Stories and How to Play Safely

Craziest Pokemon Go Stories and How to Play Safely

Craziest Pokemon Go Stories and safety

Now that the app being used everywhere you look, it’s only natural that there are some pretty nutty things being done by players. Some of the craziest Pokemon Go stories are already being reported despite the fact that the application hasn’t been out for a very long time.

At this point, the vast majority of us have seen people doing something silly or even stupid in the attempt to “catch em all.” However, some of the craziest Pokemon Go stories are starting to leave the standard silliness in the dust.

While its certain that more of the craziest Pokemon Go stories have yet to come, some of the wildest to have happened so far include the following:

Attempted murder suspect caught with the app – Two Marines assisted the police in catching a man who was making a nuisance of himself with children through this application. As it turns out, that man was also wanted for attempted murder, which the police discovered shortly afterward.

Man caught cheating as a result of the app use – Unfortunately for the cheater, he’d used the app to catch Pokemon while visiting with his mistress. The evidence was left behind on the phone he’d used.

Man fell into a river chasing augmented reality monster – As tempting as catching a Magikarp may be, it’s likely best not to walk yourself right off solid ground and into a river for that purpose.

Teenage girl stumbles upon corpse – In her effort to catch a Psyduck, one teenage girl discovered a dead body that was floating in a lake. Authorities have ruled that the death of the discovered person was an accident.

Thieves use the app to lure victims – Robbers have been setting up lure modules at Pokestops. This allows them to draw people who are hoping to capture a wanted Pokemon. The thieves then come out from hiding and rob the game players at gunpoint as soon as they enter the area. What many of those unsuspecting thieves have discovered is that this activity reveals their own location, allowing the police to track them down.

Whether you’re just using the app to have fun or whether you’re using it for exercise to help you to lose weight, be sure to use common sense along the way to stay safe.

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