Counting Calories Is Outdated: Here’s Why

Counting Calories Is Outdated: Here’s Why

Counting Calories is outdated

There are many fitness enthusiasts who rely on a steady diet to remain healthy. They count calories and measure each and every meal they eat. However, this is quite inconvenient.

The worst aspect of such a lifestyle is counting calories. A certain quantity of food contains a specific number of calories. If the food consumed contains too many or too few calories, then the diet is potentially disrupted, producing anxiety and discouragement. However, counting calories is outdated. Here are a few reasons why you should not count calories:

Incorrect Estimates

One of the worst things about calorie counting is that the estimates are often wrong. If there are 100 calories in 100 grams of a certain food, you will have to be precise in measuring out that food. Firstly, measuring 100 grams of any type of food is a tedious task. Secondly, at such low quantities, you can easily make mistakes. When you do, your calorie intake will increase. In addition, you cannot have everyone measure the food quantity as you do. What if you are eating at a restaurant? You won’t be able to get your food measured the way you do at home.

Painstaking Task

Measuring the quantity and calorie count of food will become annoying and tedious to the point that you will at times be inclined to eat whatever you wish. Therefore, instead of counting calories, make it an aim to eat healthy and exercise a lot. This will allow you to slim down and lose fat without turning to nerve-racking routines.

Types of Calories

There is no single type of calorie. Each calorie type is different from the others. Some are healthy while others are not. If you consume a uniform quantity of each calorie, your health will most likely suffer. If you are consuming healthy calories, counting calories is not acceptable. You should consume a larger quantity of these calories. For calories that are unhealthy, be sure to consume a limited quantity or eliminate them from your diet altogether.

Insufficient Nutrition

If you reduce your calorie intake, you will eventually be giving up on nutrition. When you exercise and lose weight, the body needs more energy to keep up. In such a case, when you cut your calorie intake, your body will suffer from malnutrition. You will feel weak and lethargic. The best thing to do is to consume healthy calories and in a good quantity.

If you want to remain healthy and lose weight, you need to quit counting calories. Instead, simply alter your diet and eat healthy food only while getting sufficient exercise.

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