How Calorie Cycling Prevents Weight Loss Plateaus

How Calorie Cycling Prevents Weight Loss Plateaus

calorie cycling for weight loss

If you’ve ever heard of it, then you know that calorie cycling can be a very helpful tool. It’s not a difficult concept, but one that you need to really pay attention to. When you follow so many traditional diets out there, you tend to deprive yourself. You may give yourself too few calories and therefore this sends signals to the body.

The brain detects that you are in trouble when you eat too few calories and the body then prepares for starvation mode. The end result is that your body ends up holding onto every ounce of food that you eat and storing it as fat to protect you. So in order to avoid this from happening, you are instead tricking your body in a whole new way.

The way that calorie cycling works in a nutshell is based on variety. You want to always mix it up whether it comes to exercise, the foods that you eat, or the calories that you consume each day. If you do the same activities, eat the same foods, or follow the exact same calorie count each day then you won’t end up losing weight. You need to incorporate variety and this is a big way to prevent or work through weight loss plateaus. So this same concept of variety is at the core of what calorie cycling is, and why it can be so effective, particularly if you are at a point where you are struggling.

You Need to Keep the Body Guessing Always

You never want to go for a calorie deficit as this is when starvation mode kicks in. So you instead mix in days of calorie surplus with calorie deficit, and the body is therefore always guessing. You aren’t following a standard or traditional diet, but rather cycling out the way in which you consume your calories. This tricks the body and provides that variety needed to ensure that weight loss can occur. That’s what makes this such an effective way to lose weight and get back on track if you are stuck on a weight loss plateau.

Be sure that you approach calorie cycling in a healthy way. Just as you never want to focus too much on a calorie deficit, you also don’t want to focus too much on a calorie surplus. The key is to mix it up and therefore eat different foods each day. Not only will calorie cycling in this way help you to lose the weight and break through the plateau, but it will also keep you interested and motivated. So if you need to break free of a plateau or keep the weight loss going, calorie cycling is a great method to try.

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