The Welcome Surprise Benefits of Healthy Eating

The Welcome Surprise Benefits of Healthy Eating

surprise benefits of healthy eating

It shouldn’t come as news to you to hear that nutritious foods are a great way to boost your health. However, there are a number of surprise benefits of healthy eating aside from general wellness. It’s not that being healthy isn’t enough of a goal, but when you’re trying to rebuild your eating habits in a positive way, it’s nice to know that you have even more advantages to expect.

Have a look at these surprise benefits of healthy eating that often take people off guard. It makes it much easier to keep up the effort to learn about new foods and recipes while trying new things.

Here are some great surprise benefits of healthy eating that will have you spending more time in the produce aisles of your supermarket.

A more attractive smile – believe it or not, brushing your teeth isn’t the only thing that keeps your smile healthy. What you eat can go a long way toward oral and dental wellness. Plain yogurt, high fiber fruits and omega-3 fatty acids can help to give you naturally better breath, keep plaque at bay, and prevent gum disease. Simply by eating better, you’ll be able to look forward to much easier visits to the dentist.

A more youthful appearance – foods with a high water content naturally provide the skin with moisturizers. Fruits and veggies can not only perform that task but also give your skin some healthful antioxidants that protect against damage. Omega-3s from oily fish and ground flaxseed can nourish the skin. These all work together to avoid sagging and bagging while preventing the formation and appearance of wrinkles.

A less stressful life – certain healthy foods – particularly those containing magnesium, vitamin C and Omega-3, among others – can help to prevent cortisol level spikes. Cortisol is often known as the “stress hormone” and it is blamed for a number of unpleasant symptoms such as anxiety, weight gain and even an increased risk of certain illnesses such as heart disease and some cancers.

Weight loss – when you’re eating nutrient dense foods, you’ll be far more likely to naturally lose weight and then keep it at a healthy level for your body type. The better you eat, the better equipped your organs are to function. When they’re not running sluggishly, you’ll decrease the chance of unnecessary bloating or fat storage.

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