You’re Addicted to Dairy: Here’s Why

You’re Addicted to Dairy: Here’s Why

Are You Addicted to Dairy

Dairy addiction is a grave concern. However, it is taken lightly by most people. Excess dairy consumption can be damaging to the health. We will review important reasons why you should consider curbing your dairy addiction.

What Makes Dairy Products So Addictive?

There is an ongoing debate regarding the question of whether dairy products are beneficial. Without a doubt, all dairy products have benefits. However, they can also cause health problems. In addition, you may find that you cannot get yourself to consume less dairy. Dairy is quite addictive because it contains protein fragments, or peptides, that affect your body in an opioid manner. This is the same way in which opium and morphine affect your body. In fact, the opioid peptides in dairy products are from the opium family. So, it is safe to say that dairy products can be as addictive as drugs.

Why You Should Consume Fewer Dairy Products

Individuals who are addicted to dairy consume a hefty amount of it day in and day out. This results in serious health issues. While consuming dairy products can be beneficial, excessive consumption can be harmful. Here are a few common issues that are associated with excess dairy consumption:


Individuals who have asthma should limit their consumption of dairy products. However, individuals who consume too much dairy are also at increased risk of developing this chronic disease.


Dairy products are extremely fattening. If you are addicted to dairy, you are likely to consume a lot of it. This will lead to obesity. In turn, obesity can cause other major health issues.


Apathy is a grave concern amongst people who consume too much dairy. This involves a person losing interest and enthusiasm in activity of any kind. People experience this effect if they are addicted to drugs, and dairy products have the same effect.

Signs of Dairy Addiction in Children

Children are the people who are most often addicted to dairy. They show all kinds of symptoms that are generally ignored and misinterpreted as signs of stress. Here are a few signs that show your child is suffering from dairy addiction:

Aggression Toward Other Kids

Children with dairy addiction often show aggression toward other kids. They may bully them or push them around, even bite them. If you notice your child behaving this way, be sure to curb his or her dairy-eating habits.

Inability to Concentrate

Children who are not able to concentrate in class may have a dairy addiction. Parents should make it a point to promote healthy eating habits in such kids.
Be sure to consult a doctor if you think you are addicted to dairy.

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