How Long Can You Stay on the 20/20 Diet?

How Long Can You Stay on the 20/20 Diet?

length of the 20 20 Diet

The 20/20 Diet is a weight loss strategy that was created by television celebrity, Dr. Phil. It was published into a book and reached the coveted position of being the leading diet search on Google, last year. This is a massive accomplishment, particularly when taking into consideration the fact that Dr. Phil McGraw, Ph.D. is not a specialist or doctor in the field of diet or fitness.

The idea behind the 20/20 Diet is that the participant must focus primarily on consuming 20 different specific foods. These foods are included on the list due to the high amount of energy required by the body in order to break them down and digest them. The theory is that because the body will need to work harder to digest these foods, it could help to burn calories just by eating the foods, and it may also help the dieter to feel fuller for a longer period of time.

In order to help you to be able to stick to the 20/20 Diet, it provides recipe and eating strategy ideas in addition to some research-supported information about why the dieter may have been unsuccessful in meeting his or her weight loss goals until now. It then provides some suggestions to help people to overcome those barriers so that weight loss will be easier and to help to reduce the risk that the fat could build onto the body again.

There are four phases to this diet. The first is the “Five-Day Boost”, where only the approved 20 foods can be consumed. Recipes are provided so dieters will know how to best use the foods. They are meant to be eaten in four meals every day, each four hours apart. The idea in this phase is to drop water weight and boost motivation to follow the rest of the program.

After the first five days are complete, phase two can begin. That is called the “Five-Day Sustain,” in which certain specific additional foods – and recipes – can be added to the daily mix. That said, every meal and snack that is consumed must include at least two of the listed foods.

Next, phase three can begin. That’s the “20-Day Attain”. It requires the four meals (four hours apart) to continue for the next twenty days, but one or two “sensible splurges” are permitted per week. Additional foods are also added to the allowed list, adding considerably more variety to the meals that can be made.

After this point, if the goal weight has been attained, the last phase, the management phase, can begin. However, if the goal weight has not yet been achieved, then the first three phases must be repeated until that goal is reached. Therefore, this diet may take as little as thirty days to complete, but it is meant to be continued until the goal weight has been reached, and then the maintenance phase is meant to be followed over the long-term.

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