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Breathing the Wrong Way Could be Holding Your Fitness Level Back

Breathing the Wrong Way for exercise

Did you know that breathing the wrong way could actually be holding your fitness level back? It turns out that breathing the correct way could not only help you reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day, but it could also help you improve your performance when you are working out.

Check out the helpful tips below to start changing the way you breathe for the better.

Breathe Through Your Nose

When you are exercising, if you find yourself inhaling and exhaling through the mouth, you are breathing the wrong way. To correct this mistake, you should focus on breathing in and out through your nose instead. If you do find yourself struggling and you have to breathe through your mouth, that is a sign that you are going too hard on yourself and you need to decrease the intensity of your workout until you can go back to inhaling and exhaling through your nose. As you gain strength and stamina, you will notice that you are able to breathe through your nose for longer periods of time before you have to start breathing through the mouth to get more air into your lungs.

The Problems Associated with Breathing Through Your Mouth

Why is it so important to breathe through your nose rather than through your mouth? Well, mouth breathing could actually result in an elevated heart rate and increase in your blood pressure. This, in turn, could cause you to feel dizzy or fatigued. So even though you might think that breathing through your mouth quickly and deeply can help you during a tough workout routine, the truth is that your performance will actually suffer as a result.

Practice Breathing the Right Way

In addition to focusing on your breath during your workouts in order to improve your fitness level, you can also practice deep breathing through the nose while you are at rest. Focus on extending the inhales into your diaphragm and also extending the exhales so that you can fill your lungs and strengthen them as you breathe in and out through the nostrils in a calm and relaxed state.

Now that you know that breathing the wrong way could adversely impact your fitness level and your weight loss progress, you can take the appropriate steps to ensure you are breathing the right way every time you exercise. But if you find that you still need some help with losing weight or having the energy to get through your workouts, consider taking weight loss supplements that work like Phentramin-D to give you the boost you need.

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Check out for some inspiring tools and stories related to weight loss and fitness, but also be sure to read some of the many healthy nutritionist recommended recipes that are found throughout the site while you are there as well. You can gain valuable insights into how you can eat better every day, and you can also learn about the healthiest food trends and the best ways to indulge without undoing your progress.


Another one of the many great sites for healthy recipes is, where you will find a wide array of recipes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can even find fast and easy recipes that will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family, and there are recipes for healthy snacks and drinks too.

Cooking Light

Check out the website for Cooking Light magazine, which is focused on everything related to leading a healthy lifestyle. You can access recipes with high quality images so you will know exactly what to expect when your dish is complete, and the recipes also include valuable nutritional information that you can use to keep track of the amount of calories and fat that you are consuming. Plus, if you are new to cooking or if you want to improve your technique, you can check out their Cooking 101 section.

Food Network

The Food Network’s website is also jam-packed with some amazing recipes, but just stick with the leaner options that are found in the Healthy Eating Section. You can find light recipes that will be just as satisfying as their unhealthy counterparts, so you won’t have to feel deprived while you are dieting.

By following the right sites for healthy recipes, you can always have access to a library of yummy recipes that you can enjoy as you work on losing weight and getting in shape. Regardless of what diet you follow or what your weight loss goals are, with the right foods and nutrients, you will feel nourished and energized every day.

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