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Weight Loss iPhone Apps That Work

best weight loss iphone apps

Today we have technology at our fingertips and we are able to look at a “phone” like the iphone that is more like a computer than just a phone and get any crazy information we want that is up to the minute. When it comes to diets there are apps that are made for the iphone that you can consult wherever you go that will bring the information to you in the blink of an eye.

What are the top rated weight loss iphone apps?

Some of these apps are also good for the Android phones which are also popular.

  • BMI Calculator: This BMI calculator is called “Ideal Weight” and will calculate your body mass squared by your height and find out what the ideal weight would be.
  • Diet Assistant: This is one of the weight loss iPhone Apps that will act as your personal chef and trainer. You can be a vegetarian or a meat and potatoes person and it won’t matter. This little App will take you by the hand and guide you where you need to go!
  • My Fitness Pal: This App will take you through the calorie counting you need to have down and how to burn those calories after you eat them. Take it to a restaurant or take it home and you will have it all in one tidy compartment.
  • Lose It: This is a simple and smart little App that gives you a calorie goal and a log so you can shop for the food you need to meet that goal and eat right even when you are out.
  • Weight Watchers Mobile: This App is the best for carrying your weight watchers plan with you wherever you go and never miss a beat. You can plan your meals and consult your points whenever you go out to eat and at the grocery store without worrying about stepping out of bounds with your diet and regretting it later. This App has the most comprehensive list out of all of them listed because Weight Watchers is a much older and well-established company that has built lists and weight loss programs from the ground up for decades.

These are all great interactive weight loss iPhone Apps and there are even versions of several that have a social media feature—once you are in—you can—if you choose to—talk to others to challenge and support each other.

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How Calorie Cycling Prevents Weight Loss Plateaus

calorie cycling for weight loss

If you’ve ever heard of it, then you know that calorie cycling can be a very helpful tool. It’s not a difficult concept, but one that you need to really pay attention to. When you follow so many traditional diets out there, you tend to deprive yourself. You may give yourself too few calories and therefore this sends signals to the body.

The brain detects that you are in trouble when you eat too few calories and the body then prepares for starvation mode. The end result is that your body ends up holding onto every ounce of food that you eat and storing it as fat to protect you. So in order to avoid this from happening, you are instead tricking your body in a whole new way.

The way that calorie cycling works in a nutshell is based on variety. You want to always mix it up whether it comes to exercise, the foods that you eat, or the calories that you consume each day. If you do the same activities, eat the same foods, or follow the exact same calorie count each day then you won’t end up losing weight. You need to incorporate variety and this is a big way to prevent or work through weight loss plateaus. So this same concept of variety is at the core of what calorie cycling is, and why it can be so effective, particularly if you are at a point where you are struggling.

You Need to Keep the Body Guessing Always

You never want to go for a calorie deficit as this is when starvation mode kicks in. So you instead mix in days of calorie surplus with calorie deficit, and the body is therefore always guessing. You aren’t following a standard or traditional diet, but rather cycling out the way in which you consume your calories. This tricks the body and provides that variety needed to ensure that weight loss can occur. That’s what makes this such an effective way to lose weight and get back on track if you are stuck on a weight loss plateau.

Be sure that you approach calorie cycling in a healthy way. Just as you never want to focus too much on a calorie deficit, you also don’t want to focus too much on a calorie surplus. The key is to mix it up and therefore eat different foods each day. Not only will calorie cycling in this way help you to lose the weight and break through the plateau, but it will also keep you interested and motivated. So if you need to break free of a plateau or keep the weight loss going, calorie cycling is a great method to try.

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What Makes Morning Workouts So Effective for Weight Loss

morning workouts for weight loss

You hear it all the time that morning workouts are the way to go. So what makes morning the very best time to lose weight and to get your body going? There are a number of reasons why this is the best time of day to workout. If nothing else start by thinking about the fact that this is your time to dedicate to working out before any of the craziness begins. When you are busy and hectic in your day it is often hard to steal away for a workout. If however you plan to work out in the morning then this is your dedicated time to take care of yourself before anything else goes on.

Another reason why morning workouts are so great for you is that it gets the body up and moving. You have gone from a rest state to an active one and that means that the metabolism is in full active mode. You are burning crazy calories, the metabolism starts working like crazy right away, and this makes for a very powerful way to start your day. You will find that revving the metabolism in this way keeps you going for the entire day long. You are more energized and burning calories more effectively, even at a resting state. You do want to be sure to eat a morning snack before you go, but this makes for a truly powerful time to work the body in this manner.

You Have So Much To Gain From These

Another reason that morning workouts work so well is that the body can focus only on the activity that you are giving to it. You likely don’t have to invest much effort into digestion as the food that you have eaten is minimal. You can put in more effort and really benefit from this all day long. You get so much energy out of this to keep you going all day and that means that you are at your very best. The body really needs to be in motion. Starting off the day like this is so imperative to keeping yourself strong.

You will also find that morning workouts become routine a lot faster. Sure you may not want to get up at first, but you will commit to this once you see that it can and will work. You won’t have other commitments or excuses to keep you from working out as you would at other parts of the day. Your metabolism is going strong, you are burning calories, and you work to make workouts a priority when you commit to morning workouts. So if you needed a reason to wake up and workout, now you have several so make the commitment and keep it going strong!

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