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Maximum Fat Burning Factors

fat burning factors for maximum results

Everyone who diets and even those who don’t and just want to maintain weight want to know the maximum fat burning factors and how they can use them. We will touch on this, but keep in mind this may take a little experimentation on your part. Each person has a slight variation in how they burn fat because of many factors.

Maximum fat burning factors include:

  • Everyone is different as far as body chemistry is concerned. Fat burn can be affected by these elements.
  • Age is a factor because your metabolism is going to slow down considerably with each decade.
  • Eating habits will certainly influence the way the individual will burn fat.
  • Sleeping habits will influence the metabolism—if you don’t get decent or enough sleep—everything slows down.
  • Activity levels that are low will certainly be a main component to the maximum fat burning factors.

So, these are the things to take into consideration in the aforementioned list. This is why more than one go around may be necessary before you discover your own maximum fat burning factors.

What you can do to boost your fat burning capability:
Physical activity:

The first thing you may want to experiment with is your fitness level. Make sure you find several exercises or ways to raise your heart-rate several times a week. Try them out to see if any of them work better than others. For some, just a quick walk works and for others it takes a lot or a little more.

Eating habits:

Adopt new eating habits slowly—make sure you aren’t doing a complete 360 in your diet right away because this will only cause you to shock your system. Introduce fat burning into your diet one or two foods at a time.

Fat burning foods and drinks:

  • Citrus as in grapefruit and oranges but leaning more towards the grapefruit.
  • Green tea to 3 x 4 oz. cups or more a day—there is some caffeine so get organic if you want to drink more—get “naturally decaffeinated”.
  • Any berry like blueberries and strawberries
  • Sauerkraut or any acidic cabbage at all

So let’s recap the maximum fat burning factors:

  • Raising the heart-rate 3 times week
  • Get regular sleep
  • Eat and drink fat-burning foods and take out saturated fats

Bonus tip:

Eat several small meals a day with your maximum fat burning factors.

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The Fats That Help You Get Skinny

fats that help burn fat

You’ve probably heard about “good fats” and not only do they exist but these are the fats that help to get you skinny. These are fats that have been discovered in recent years that should be an essential part of your diet. They contain key nutrients to help protect your health in the short term and the long term. What makes these good fats so important however is that they can also contribute to helping you lose weight and keep it off. So if you are intrigued by what makes these good fats so good or how they help you to get skinny, it’s time to learn about the fats that help you in every way possible.

First let’s take a look at what makes good fats so good. The good fats that you will see listed contain high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids. This is a nutrient that helps to lower cholesterol levels and may even help in preventing heart disease. It is also these nutrients that can work towards keeping you skinny as well. Rather than the harmful counterparts such as transfats and saturated fats, good fats actually have Omega-3 fatty acids within them that can help your health and your weight loss in the long term.

It’s essential to identify what makes up the good fat list. So as you consider which fats that help or what the “good fats” truly are, here’s the list:

  • Avocado
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Olive Oil
  • Flaxseeds
  • Tuna
  • Mackerel
  • Salmon

The way that the fats help is that they help to keep you feel full longer and therefore satisfied. They introduce a great type of nutrient that is important for your health, but which will also help you to make wise calorie investments. You aren’t as tempted to eat the bad fats as you feel satisfied with good fats that offer all the right things. Not only that but good fats can also go after and even eliminate belly fat.

So if you have belly fat or if you are even trying to prevent it, then good fats may be one of the best ways to do so. Good fats introduce an excellent form of a key nutrient, but they are also helpful in weight loss and in protecting your health. So turn to these often, learn how to include them in your diet, and see the benefits almost instantly in weight loss and so much more.

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The Phentramin-D Formula that Melts Pounds Away Fast

phentramin-d formula information

Phentramin-D formula is the fastest most safe and effective way to lose weight. It is a scientifically formulated and clinically proven way to melt pounds away fast. That’s the reason why you take a diet pill right? Because you want to lose weight fast as well as safely and effectively right? Then you have found the perfect way to do that right here!

So how does Phentramin-D Formula work?

Phentramin-D Formula is the highly effective weight loss pill which does not need a prescription. This is what is attractive about this formula. The sister formula Phentermine is a prescription formula with potentially hazardous side-effects and though it is still popular for its effectiveness it is not so popular for the side effects. So in saying that, Phentramin-D formula is successful because of the chemical that sends the message to the brain that releases norepinephrine. This is a hormone everyone has and it is responsible for metabolic rate and controlling sugar stages. This will give the user a chance to burn off more calories than they would normally. This also means the food you eat will very quickly be turned into nutrients that you will burn easier.

What other ways does Phentramin-D formula work for me?

Apart from the aforementioned, this formula will curb your appetite. It does this by improving your cyclic AMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate). There are chemicals that speak to the brain and will help you increase hunger—very simply—by suppressing your appetite.

What are the benefits in using this brand over others that are similar?

This brand has a patented formula that is more effective that hoodia and less dangerous than ephedrine or ephedra. The Hoodia gordonii is an herbal remedy which is actually kind of weak as far as efficacy is concerned in the pills it is associated with and the ephedrine or ephedra like in the popular and much more dangerous brand-Phen Phen is not worth the risk.

This is why Phentramin-D Formula melts pounds away fast without the added risk that these other brands—some prescription and some not—may prove to have. As well as taking this pill as with any diet pill you must remember to stick to a healthy diet plan as well as an active exercise regimen that is a regimen and not sporadic. The Phentramin-D formula is the best gamble and the safest going.

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Don’t Sabotage Weight Loss By Drinking Alcohol

drinking alcohol bad for weight loss

In our college years we are most likely to consume large quantities of alcohol. This is also when what is called “the freshmen ten” which is your first ten pounds you gain from the fraternity life and of course the pizza that goes with it.

So, in terms of alcohol being in any way, shape or form a good thing for weight loss—it just isn’t. A beer can have more than 1000 calories, this is 200 less than what you would be eating for your total calorie intake all day! Don’t sabotage weight loss by drinking alcohol.

How drinking alcohol affects us as we get older

At least when you were in your twenties, you had a metabolism that could handle the load –for a while that is. Then once we hit 30 you notice more on guys who drink more beer later into their lives that a little gut starts to form and between 35 and 40 its near impossible to remove. Why? Because we have unwittingly caused our bodies to peak out and get used to the beer gut. Now, it gets a bit more complicated as we go on.

Yo Yo diets and alcohol

When you are on diets more than once a year—it will begin to get harder and harder to lose because again—you are used to it and the body likes to have a comfortable place to stay stable. This is why when you hear people talk about their “trouble” spots; it seems they can move weight from every part of their body before this “trouble” spot. So suffice to say it is just better to not have the alcohol at all or switch to moderate drinking and light beers only. Maybe a glass of wine with a meal would kill the urge.

Drinking alcohol and social activity

But alas, that does not get one through a football season does it? Unfortunately there is just no way around alcohol and weight loss sabotage—it simply has to go or be significantly toned down. Here is a way to make it easier. Want to watch a game? Do it in a bar after happy hour so the two for ones aren’t there to tempt you. When you are invited to a party then try bringing your own non alcoholic beer and no one has to know any better—except you and your waistline.

Remember that drinking alcohol is a social thing—so let your buddies know it’s a no-go until the beer gut disappears!

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