Is There Such Thing as Obesity Genes That Make You Gain Weight?

obesity genes and weight gain

August 21, 2017

A solid and growing body of evidence shows that genetics plays a key role in obesity. While specific “obesity genes” have yet to be identified, your DNA can predispose you to being overweight regardless.

The reason is that obesity genes aren’t necessary to cause you to gain weight when there are so many other parts of your DNA that can affect you in the same way. That said, just because your genes place you at a greater risk of obesity, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed to suffer from that condition for your entire life.

Certain genetic disorders can make it seem as though a person has obesity genes that make it easier for them to gain weight but harder to lose. This is most clear in the case of some kinds of hereditary disorders such as Prader-Willi syndrome and Bardet-Bedl syndrome. Obesity is a very common side effect of those genetic syndromes.

If obesity appears to run in your family, it is important for you to be especially diligent in the areas of your life over which you do have control so that you can overcome your potentially heightened risk of being much heavier than your ideal health would require.

Speaking with your doctor can help to provide you with some of the best information and tools for weight management. For instance, if you already have obesity, then your doctor might recommend a calorie reduced diet, that you buy Adipex or an over the counter alternative, and that you take on a new regular physical activity strategy that is appropriate for someone at your fitness level.

Depending on some of the factors that may also be contributing to your weight struggles, you may also find yourself focusing on additional factors in your life. Among them could be your ability to cope with stress and anxiety in your life and to place a bigger focus on getting a good night of sleep.

The reason is that just as genetics can make you more likely to suffer from obesity, so can many other things that are far more within your control. The more controllable factors you take on, the better your chance at reaching your healthy weight goal and maintaining it over the long term.

If you have a specific hereditary condition that is causing you to gain weight, your doctor will likely help you to create a more personalized strategy that deals with that issue as well.

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