The Reason You Should Never Go Hungry When Dieting

never go hungry when dieting

September 26, 2013

Though it may seem contrary to just about every diet out there, you will find there is a reason you should never go hungry when dieting. Far too many diets out there promote deprivation, extreme calorie counting, and starvation in various forms. Though you tend to think that you are going to lose weight by eating less, just the contrary might happen. Though there may be an initial drop on the scale with such methods, the truth is that this will all change and not for the better after awhile. If you go about starving yourself for too long, you may very well end up gaining weight and therefore hurting any progress.

Here’s what happens and what makes up the reason you should never go hungry when dieting. When you starve yourself or your body perceives that you are starving yourself, it goes into starvation mode. The brain sends signals to the rest of the body that you are starving and therefore it goes into “fight or flight” mode to try and protect you. When the brain sends such signals that means that the body begins to hold onto every single thing that you eat to store it as fat—obviously not the result that you were hoping for.

You Are Working Against Yourself In The End

So as you consider the reason you should never go hungry when dieting it has to do with giving your body fuel. When you skip out on meals or cut back on your calorie consumption drastically, your body perceives that you are starving. This is ultimately a good thing as the body is doing what it’s supposed to in order to protect you. When it stores the food as fat it is to ensure that you never die from starvation. However when it comes to weight loss or dieting, this is exactly the opposite of what you want.

It is therefore important to remember the reason you should never go hungry when dieting. You will not only have a difficult time in losing weight, but you will actually gain weight in many cases. You will feel far too hungry when you deprive yourself in this manner. This also doesn’t make up for a good or long term weight loss program as it’s nothing that you can stick with for very long. So go about dieting and weight loss in the right way and take your time as that’s what your body really wants!

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