How Diet Pills Work and Why Some Don’t

find out how diet pills work

September 16, 2013

Most of us at one time or another have taken a diet pill and it just didn’t hit the mark or maybe we didn’t take them as we should have. Possibly even the side-effects scared us off them. There are as many reasons as there are people. Here we will briefly discuss the main reasons for the diet pills failing to produce the result we sought from them.

Understanding how diet pills work

Most people seek out a diet pill because they either want to save time and lose weight for an event of some kind—or, they haven’t a clue as to how to diet so they figure they have nothing to lose but weight—right? Wrong! That’s not how diet pills work. There is a rampant misconception about diet pills that needs to be addressed so that you do not run into the same roadblock time after time only to end up with the same issue—rapid weight gain after diet pill!

What are they meant for?

The diet pill whether prescription or OTC is meant for short-term use. The body is not meant to take such a shock to its system normally. It is meant to be an aide to your diet and exercise plan. And you do need both of those things—this is part of the reason why diet pills fail with so many people. They are looked upon as a cure-all and not as an aide. Sure, you may experience rapid weight loss initially—but as soon as you come off it—your body does the job it was designed to do—and it will bounce right back into double the weight it just lost. This is especially true for the person that goes right back to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

Why does the body regain the weight if you only take the diet pill?

Because it sensed no activity and no food—it was confused and thought it was starving—so the moment it sensed food back in the system and no stimulus from the diet pill—viola—the body recovered to make sure it has enough stored fat for the next starvation.


To surmise why diet pills failed you in the past—it was used alone and not with a balance. Remember that for effective weight loss and to counteract weight gain after the fact you need a diet, an exercise plan and a maintenance plan for after the diet pill. Without this—the cycle will be endless. You will repeat taking another pill and cease being able to lose weight at all. Now that you know how diet pills work, it is possible to take them and achieve fast weight loss without the failure of past attempts.

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